The Clock of the Long Now: Everyone Has a Perspective

Written by Briana Cavanaugh

April 15, 2009

In reading about the Clock of the Long Now I came across:

“My friends who get it all have ideas that focus on a particular aspect of the clock. My engineering friends worry about the power source: solar, water, nuclear, geothermal, diffusion, or tidal? My entrepreneurial friends muse about how to make it financially self-sustaining. My writer friend, Stewart Brand, starts thinking about the organization that will take care of the clock. It’s a Rorschach test – of time. Peter Gabriel, the musician, thinks the clock should be alive, like a garden, counting the seasons with short-lived flowers, counting the years with sequoias and bristlecone pines. Artist Brian Eno felt it should have a name, so he gave it one: The Clock of the Long Now.”

Money is very much like that: everyone has a perspective on it, but no one is sure how it works exactly. Money can be a thing of beauty and pleasure or of pain and anguish. It can be something to fuel a creative project or something that helps us survive. Maybe it’s all of those things and maybe it’s none of them.

What’s your perspective?

P.S. This blog entry might be a ploy to get you to read the article; it’s certainly a nudge to enhance thinking about perspective. And as always it’s a portal to drop in and tell me what you think, even if you only do it on Facebook.


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