Financial Bliss Mentorship: Build a Better Bookkeeping Practice

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Our mentorship program will answer your questions and teach practical solutions so you can take your business to the next level.

You’re going to learn about providing real value to your clients in a way that makes it clear to them you’re worth every dollar and more. You’ll provide better service, learning to identify what clients really need, the things they don’t know to ask for — and you’ll build client loyalty, the heart of long-term relationships.

You’ll identify which of your unique skills to work on to strengthen and diversify your income streams, and what types of service providers to work with to make larger service packages available to your clients.

With Bliss by your side, you’ll flourish with support and advice in an environment that nurtures and respects the learning process. You’ll learn about healthy money mindsets and how your mindset can help or hinder your client relations. You’ll clarify your vision for the next stage of your bookkeeping business.

What do you get when you join our mentorship program?


  • One-hour group meetings on Thursdays, 1 pm Eastern / 10 am Pacific for three months (12 hours total), starting on September 30, 2021, including:
    • Two meetings per month with Bliss’s most experienced financial consultant, Tia Marie Paquin, practicing since 1995;
    • One peer group meeting per month with another Bliss bookkeeper;
    • One group session per month with a mindset coach.
  • 24/7 access to the Bliss Your Mindset curriculum for the duration of the program.
  • A small cohort of peers for mutually-supportive business development;
    • A confidential environment for discussing your actual client concerns.

This is not an ordinary bookkeeping business program. We aren’t just going to talk about how to use QuickBooks accurately and efficiently (we’ll do that too!) — we’re also going to work on developing a healthy money mindset.

The deeper benefits are that you’ll know the value of your own work. With a more healthy mind set, you’ll see with clearer eyes what you need and what’s happening with your practice, developing the clarity, insight and support to make the money you want to make, resulting in greater experiences of abundance in a way that fits well with your goals and values. It includes being concerned about money appropriately and having a calm confidence when things are going well.

And once you get closer to that mindset, you can help your clients get there too!


We’re starting the program on September 30th so that you will be able to apply your learning to your clients’ 2021 closing review process. We are only accepting a limited number of participants, so sign up today! Tuition is $400 — just $200 up front, and the other $200 later.

Won’t it be great when…


  • You can finish your bookkeeping work faster and with greater accuracy
  • Your clients appreciate the value you bring to their business
  • Your clients know how to use the information you’ve given them and you get to watch them learn how to use it
  • You see their businesses grow because of your help
  • Your clients refer you regularly, even to their adult children starting businesses
  • You have confidence in the value you offer and can easily explain it to prospective clients


Who is this mentorship program for?

This program is for you if you have a freelance bookkeeping business that is under 5 years old.

What’s not included in this program?

This program is NOT for those who want a marketing class.

Why do I need to know more than basic bookkeeping?

Improving your service allows you to stay competitive in a dynamic market where other bookkeeping companies quote bare-bones rates for bare-bones service.

Do you have bookkeeping experience?

Yes, the Bliss Team has over 50 years of experience providing bookkeeping services for retail, service, manufacturing, and nonprofit organizations.

What does it cost?

Tuition is $400 total, half paid up front and half paid later. There are no other costs to participate in this program.

Make the last months of 2021 easier for yourself by reaching out to the Bliss Team. Help your clients close this year more smoothly. Enroll in the Financial Bliss Mentorship program today!


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