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3 Steps to Power Up Your Business with Inspiration and Numbers

We call the energy in our minds “inspiration” — it’s like when you breathe in and your bloodstream fills with oxygen and you feel so many more things are possible. Inspiration helps you with perspiration (work!) so knowing how to maximize your inspiration counts for a lot.

Disability and You (and You and You, Too)

Do you have a disability, neurodiversity, or other condition that has affected your work life for six months or more? It’s not unusual. Many entrepreneurs don’t fit into corporate cultures that assume everyone should be tireless and interchangeable.

The Bliss Team works with disabled business owners — and some of us experience disability ourselves. We understand how that can affect your business systems.

If you’re a member of the temporarily abled, keep reading. Most people sooner or later will experience a health problem that can have serious long-term effects on their professional life (that’s why retirement is a thing!) so let’s talk about what your disability-friendly business plan will look like.

Preparing for tax season can be like preparing a holiday meal

You might think it’s impossible to sail as smoothly through your business taxes as a good cook does through meal prep – I want to reassure you that this is a learning process, and you’ll get better at it. That’s why I have a checklist to help even seasoned business owners assemble the right ingredients for tax season.

Clarity in leadership

We all have miscommunications sometimes, so how can we get to the best decision when things get weird? Improve your relationships with your experts by helping them know where they stand and how they can best help you.

Prevent the most common money mistakes by breaking through avoidance

A lot of entrepreneurs are particularly challenged by one or more aspects of managing their business’s money. The challenge can be caused by a lack of knowledge or skill, a disability or neurodiversity, or it can be an issue in the mindset. In many cases, avoidance plays a role.

Whether your money systems are neglected or you don’t have systems at all, I want to help you break through avoidance and get going.

Experience Briana through book, radio, podcast, and video interviews:

What Businesses Need To Know Right Now: Lessons Learned From Interviewing Businesses During a Pandemic

“It’s really common that [our clients] just don’t know if one of their service lines is not turning a profit. And it’s okay if you’re doing some kind of loss leader, where you’re having to take a hit on this and make money on the back end. But you need to know whether that’s true and whether that back end is making money.” — Briana Cavanaugh interviewed with Nettie Owen for the book What Businesses Need To Know Right Now: Lessons Learned From Interviewing Businesses During a Pandemic.

How to End the Financial Feast Or Famine Cycle

with Dave Negri on Contractors Secret Weapon.

The Whole is Greater Than Sum of Its Parts

with Melin Isa on Planning Your Leap Into Business

Revenue Accelerator

“There’s always going to be something that you’re going to have to learn and grow to be profitable. If you want more, if you’re going to employ people, you want to move to the next level and continue to want to grow.” — Briana Cavanaugh

Finding Bliss During the Holidaze

with Karen Hager on Out of the Fog. If you ever struggle with money or committing to change, have a listen to help get you on track.

Radio with Karen Hager

A talk about money, abundance and manifestation with Karen Hager! One of my first radio appearances. It’s very sweet and talks through some deep and fun money stuff!

Bookkeeping Tools:

Your banking institution's website or app!

Your bank or credit union may already provide useful tools, so check there first! For example, some banks allow you to create an accountant login so that your bookkeeper or CPA can get your data without making unauthorized changes.


Receipts management tool. Send off your receipts in the Magic Blue Envelope and have them scanned, categorized and possibly even integrated with your accounting system! Fabulous and super cost-effective! (QuickBooks now has its own way of receiving scanned receipts, so you may not need Shoeboxed if you’re using QuickBooks.)


Not sure where to start with bookkeeping?  This online tool will download your transactions across institutions and give you a more in depth look than you could do alone. It’s not as robust as QuickBooks or another full double-entry accounting system, but it’s the place to start if you’re moving away from avoidance and towards having your eyes wide open.

QuickBooks Online

A great way to use QuickBooks across computers without having to move files. I get a discount on QuickBooks Online and various discounts on other products, so get in touch if you’re getting started or making a change and we’d be happy to help.

QuickBooks Time (formerly known as TSheets)

Timesheet integration for QuickBooks Online and Desktop. As QuickBooks Pro Advisors we can get you a discount on this, too.


A great payroll management system that will help you stay compliant with payroll laws and taxes. It integrates with the QuickBooks software family, too! The Bliss Team can help you get set up.

Recommended Books:

Scarcity: Why Having Too Little Means So Much

by Sendhil Mullainathan. “In this provocative book based on cutting-edge research, Sendhil Mullainathan and Eldar Shafir show that scarcity creates a distinct psychology for everyone struggling to manage with less than they need.”

A General Theory of Love

by Thomas Lewis. “This original and lucid account of the complexities of love and its essential role in human well-being draws on the latest scientific research. Three eminent psychiatrists tackle the difficult task of reconciling what artists and thinkers have known for thousands of years about the human heart with what has only recently been learned about the primitive functions of the human brain.”

Overcoming Under Earning

by Barbara Stanney. Underearners are not living up to their earnings potential. Underearners tend to live paycheck to paycheck. They rarely balance their checkbooks and are often in debt. Ironically, many work incredibly hard. Yet they are ashamed to admit that money matters to them. If you’re not making the money you want, read this book first.

The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You're Supposed to Be and Be Who You Are

by Brene Brown. For perfectionists. It’s ok to make mistakes and it’s critical that we do and learn from those mistakes to keep loving ourselves into being our brightest, honest, most authentic selves. 


Tax Savvy for Small Business

by Frederick W. Daily, J.D. This is a Nolo Press Book – a resource that talks about many of the things small business owners need to know about filling taxes. Nolo Press books are typically amazing and thorough.

The Power of Intention

by Dr. Wayner Dyer. This book is all about aligning your thoughts, values and actions to create openings for your intentions and prosperity. Supporting you using your internal resources.

The Soul of Money: Reclaiming the Wealth of Our Inner Resources

by Lynne Twist. This book gives a deeper look into what money is and isn’t in a soulful loving way.



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