How We Got Started

Welcome! I am Briana Cavanaugh, the Financial Bliss Mentor Coach and Accountant. I have been doing accounting since 2003 and have more than 20 years of experience in various forms of coaching and counseling.

A mentor coach is someone who has a lot of experience and has mastered coaching. They use their years of experience in coaching, training and business to support and coach other coaches. Financial Bliss is the state that I want to transmit to you in our work together.

77 Money Leaks And How to Fix Them Right Now

I work with women, especially women with that unicorn business idea — you know those ideas, the kind that will change the world — as soon as the entrepreneur can get her financial crap together!  I also work with feminists, LGBTQIA+ and trans communities, folks of color, disabled entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs in stigmatized niches such as dispensaries or sex education. I design and teach workshops and trainings on money mindset, financial self-love and pleasure in addition to running my bookkeeping firm, Bliss Your Money. I work at the intersection of money, pleasure, self love and accounting.

I believe that we as Change Makers and Business Owners have the capacity to be successful and that money is a key part of that transition from chaos and overwhelm to bliss.

I love helping women really get money and finance and feel powerful about their money! I believe in our power as Change Makers to turn our dreams into plans and plans into action and action into clients and money and revenue.

I believe in supporting people, like you, who are doing amazing things in the world — coaches, leadership consultants, documentary production companies, LGBTQIA+ community, marketing and PR consultants, permaculturists, authors, artists, activists, feminists, and other extraordinary Change Makers and Business Owners!

Businesses We Love to Work With

After years in the bookkeeping business, we’ve found we work really well with the businesses others might consider out of the normal.

We’ve enjoyed learning the ins and outs of these businesses and we know how to handle their bookkeeping in accordance with the additional rules and regulations placed on them.

These businesses include:

Cannabis dispensaries


Cash businesses looking to incorporate

Sex workers and sex educators

Because I believe in the power of purpose, I focus on people who are purpose-driven and want more: more passion, more pleasure and more reach for their business. And the thing that stands in their way is so often money.

Badge that reads: QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisorI believe in more than getting the bookkeeping done. I believe in helping people understand money: what it is and what it isn’t and how you can use it to enhance lives rather than being controlled by money.

I used to say, money doesn’t buy happiness, but poverty (or scarcity thinking) has a way of keeping happiness away. And then I found that you can buy happiness. But there’s a limit. And our dreams must take us beyond that limit to have the impact that we’re longing for.

(By the way, impact and money have to balance each other in our goal-setting, did you know that? People tell you to dream big so that you can make the impact you want. But if you dream without including money in your plans, all you get is a lot of hard work and not a lot of traction.)

My work comes out of my own history with money and background in technology and finance. I spent years working in technology only to find myself disconnected from meaning and wondering why anyone would want to sit alone in a box all day.  So I set off in search of my true purpose.

In the process I spent down my savings, my 401k, my unemployment and somehow landed myself on welfare. It was awful. I was desperately unhappy, working so so so hard, applying for literally thousands of jobs and getting nowhere. I did everything I was told and I just wasn’t a fit for the corporate world. I kept wondering what was wrong with me!

I am a very educated, hard-working woman and I just couldn’t figure out how I landed on welfare! One morning I woke up and I didn’t have enough food to feed myself and my son and had to go to a food bank. I’m super lucky that was even a possibility for us. But I vowed never again. I vowed to figure out a way that I — and people like me — could make enough income and get really good at money.

So I went to work learning about money.

I did tons of research about how to get support in getting off of welfare. At the time there were only two organizations in all of California. So I contacted one of them and they hired me. I did legislative work with the California state budget. I did advocacy around helping welfare moms get what they needed and learned how to get what I needed.

Fortunately, at about that same time, I was thrown into a job doing financial analysis for a non-profit based on my technology skills. “You can do it!” they said.  And they were right. That was 2003. From there I struck out on my own.

Once I got out of the big myth of the patriarchy: that I had to be overworked and under-resourced, I started hiring folks. Going from just me to the Bliss Team, a dedicated team of bookkeepers, assistants and more. We are Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisors who specialize in accounting for small businesses.

I love my business! I hope you love your business too.

If you want to LOVE your business more and worry about money less, reach out. We would love to hear from you!


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77 Money Leaks And How to Fix Them Right Now

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