Bookkeeping Training

  • Do you want to do your own books?
  • Do you want your support person, Admin or Office Manager to do your books?
  • Do you want to learn how to set up and manage your accounting systems?
You get training on your system, using your data. This is the most useful kind of training you can buy because it’s all about your systems. So there’s no fluff, no distractions, nothing you don’t need – and no time wasted! It’s much less expensive and time-consuming than going to a mass-produced workshop designed by people you’ve never met.
This training is for businesses and entrepreneurs who want to do it themselves or have someone in-house do their books. Training is also useful for when you or your staff need to update your skills but don’t need a whole class or weekend workshop. This is primarily focused around QuickBooks training – for Mac, PC, or Online.
We also do group classes and workshops if you want to train multiple people simultaneously. Our basic package includes training 1-2 people, so feel free to bring a friend!


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