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Making Your Money Work for You

Dear sex workers:



Do you know your business and money goals for 2022? Do you need additional support planning and achieving your post-COVID success?

Our three-month program, Financial Bliss Mastermind Making Your Money Work for You, will support you, help with planning, practical solutions, and action — and get you clear, ready, and energized to take your income to the next level!

You deserve to get your work time serving you — you deserve to reach your personal financial goals!

Small business owners and sexypreneurs:

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This mastermind group is only for individual sex industry workers to ensure a confidential, nonjudgemental space that welcomes people of all genders, orientations, and job titles. We also welcome you regardless of how you get paid: as a 1099 contractor with multiple businesses,  a freelancer working with a particular club or dungeon, or through private payments, cash or otherwise, whether or not you’ve paid taxes recently.

We’ll be meeting live via Zoom, January 20 through March 31, on alternate Thursdays at 1 p.m. (Pacific) so you can start the year off right. While our mastermind program requires active participation for you to benefit, you choose whether to keep your camera on or off, with an avatar or a concealed background, and you can choose what name to display.

We are only accepting a limited number of participants, so sign up today!

What you’ll get out of Sexypreneurs: Financial Bliss Mastermind Making Your Money Work for You:


With Bliss by your side, twice a month you’ll benefit from an upward spiral of regular planning and support. You’ll flourish in an environment of people who understand the challenges of your industry and you’ll clarify your vision for the next stage of your business.


A confidential, non-judgemental space to work on problems that can’t be workshopped with industry outsiders;


Participate under your personal, professional, or other name of your choice;


We’ll collaborate on a space for vulnerable sharing of business challenges, worries, solutions and opportunities;


Crowdsource solutions and optimism, getting clarity and excitement about how you are naturally designed to succeed;


Develop your close-knit supportive community of sexypreneurs who are ready to take action to create the business of their dreams;


A mindset-aware approach to practical planning, strategically moving your business forward with positive next steps.

Further details:


1-hour group mastermind meetings 2x/month for 3 months


24/7 access to the Bliss Your Mindset curriculum for the duration of the program

An upward spiral builds on the successes that came before, so that future successes are easier to reach!

Who is leading the January 2022 Financial Bliss Mastermind Making Your Money Work for You cohort?

Tia Marie Paquin, experienced financial consultant! 

While Tia is not a sex worker, she has performed financial consulting services for sex worker clients for five years. She’s actively worked for over five years with our clients to realize the Bliss philosophy of personal and professional pleasure and abundance for everyone, and has facilitated non-judgemental small group workshops for over fifteen years. 

“Because you have been so supportive of my financial path through your workshops, I wanted to update you on my financial path. I have been going to Debtors Anonymous meetings since May, and I now am tracking my money daily. I have a much greater sense of what I’m spending and in what category, and am working on getting on top of my spending plan.” — Anonymous, 2/13/2021

Membership is $160 per month for 3 months, which is $480 total — or pay only $450 if you register and pay in full by January 19th (the day before the program starts). A variety of payment methods are available, as well as some scholarship opportunities. See the FAQ below.


Who is this mastermind program for?

This program is for you if you dance, dominate, get naked, do phone work, or perform live or on video. We’ll help you organize your business finances so that you choose how to spend your time, get the most out of the time you spend on it, and get to meet your financial goals.

Why do sexypreneurs need a business community?

We at Bliss believe that everyone needs peer support. We have felt newly-inspired to solve our challenges when we felt seen by others who faced similar situations, and we want to share that liberation with you!

Can I meet Tia before I sign up?

Yes! Please use this Calendly link to set up a Zoom meeting with Tia: 

What kinds of businesses have you worked with?

The Bliss Team works with LGBTQIA+ business owners, women entrepreneurs, business owners of color, trans-supportive therapists, sex education and personal product retailers, and scrutinized businesses such as cannabis product retailers and sex workers. (See also our parallel offering in case it’s right for you.)

What does it cost? Are there payment options?

Membership is $160 per month for 3 months, which is $480 total — or pay only $450 if you register and pay in full by January 19th (the day before the program starts). A variety of payment methods are available, as well as some scholarship opportunities.

Any receipts, credit card, or bank statements will identify us as Bliss Your Biz. The mastermind group will be identified as Entertainers Financial Bliss Mastermind.

If someone else is entering the payment for you, be sure to register here before paying here. We will need to know which payment matches with which registration before the mastermind starts, but this information will be confidential.


Make 2022 easier for yourself by reaching out to the Bliss Team. 

Enroll in the Financial Bliss Mastermind program today!


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