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Does bookkeeping for your business feel overwhelming?
You didn’t get into business to be a bookkeeper.

Maybe you’ve tried looking at your numbers, couldn’t find what you were searching for, and now you’re more confused than ever.

Maybe you don’t even know where to start looking!

None of this is your fault. In fact, it’s not even unusual. Even at the $5 million plus level, a lot of business owners don’t know if they’re really profitable.

You can be the best in your industry, but without financial education and strategic support, you’ll still work harder than necessary to increase profitability, and see less impressive results. (Or no results at all.)

Because profitability is not just about money in the bank at the end of the month.

  • Real profitability is about knowing that you are profitable.
  • Profitability means having a working budget and projections to ensure that you know exactly where you’re at and what you need.
  • Profitability is knowing whether or not everything is covered for next month and the month after.
  • Long term profitability is about understanding the patterns that let you predict and plan for what’s coming up. When are your busy seasons? When’s a good time to hire someone? Is now the time to make that big investment?
  • And it’s about knowing how you’ll generate an increase in your business profit, and how you’ll save that money into a dedicated account for the long term.

Creating a clear, practical plan for profitability is huge work. And a huge hassle for an already busy business owner like you. … That is, unless you have help putting it all together AND staying on top of the details.

That’s why you need experienced bookkeepers and accountants to take your business finances and turn them into plain English. Experts who won’t only tell you what needs doing, but will also take most of the work off your plate entirely by partnering with you every step of the way.

The right support and recommendations, at the right time, can make or break your business. And that’s exactly what we can provide for you.

Bookkeeping Phases

Phase #1: Financial Bliss Blueprint

We start a new client with a Financial Bliss Blueprint, an assessment and analysis of your bookkeeping and mindset. The Blueprint describes your Financial Clarity Map for your use with any service provider:

  • A clear description of the current state of your money systems (operations & finance),
  • Some places where an operational shift would assist in realizing your organizational dreams,
  • Some places where an emotional/mindset shift would also assist in the same,
  • A clear statement of your current goals for your organization,
  • Our recommendations for current and future plans, including how we can support you in getting there.

The Blueprint sets you up for success by taking an initial survey of your data and laying out a map for the types of assistance that will be helpful to get you to your goals of growth, long-term profitability, and a sustainable relationship with your business — whether or not we would be the providers of that assistance.

Most recipients of the Blueprint have chosen to stay with us for bookkeeping and additional services.

Financial Bliss Blueprint Includes:

  • Data Gathering Meeting, usually 1 hour
  • Accounting Assessment
  • Accounts Receivable Assessment
  • Accounts Payable Assessment
  • Personalized Report and Recommendations
  • Second meeting to present results and answer your questions

Phase #2: Back-bookkeeping

Got some… *whisper* old bookkeeping that needs to be done before you can move forward with confidence?

Most clients have had a gap in their bookkeeping and need to be brought up to date. In this phase, we go back and reconcile past months/years, cleaning up the transaction categorizations and comparing them to the bank statements in case of errors.

Back-bookkeeping is super advanced work, which our highly-knowledgeable bookkeepers are well-suited for.

Reach out now — getting the books caught up and ready for your next tax filing will take almost as many hours as if your records had been maintained each month. We love helping business owners with these kinds of projects!

Back-Bookkeeping Includes:

  • Transactions Coded/Categorized
  • Bank and Credit Card Accounts Reconciled
  • Current Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet
  • Bookkeeper Meeting(s) to Review Transactions and Reports

Phase #3: Dynamic Bookkeeping

Phase 3 is a system refining stage. We’ll meet with you each month to go over your Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet and make sure your questions are answered. 

As we discover your Key Performance Indicators we tailor your reports so that you will have the information that you most need for your strategic decision-making.

Phases #3 and #4 are a month-to-month commitment under the same contract — you can cancel at any time, though we recommend that businesses stick with the same bookkeeper until the end of the year for clean and smooth tax filing. As with the back-bookkeeping, you’ll only be billed for the hours that you use.

Phase #3 is a good time to get started with our profitability consulting services described below.

Dynamic Bookkeeping Includes:

  • Transactions Coded/Categorized
  • Bank and Credit Card Accounts Reconciled
  • Monthly Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet
  • Monthly Bookkeeper Meeting to Review Transactions and Reports, Half Hour
  • Annual review prior to submitting tax data to your CPA

Phase #4: Stable Bookkeeping

Businesses naturally move back and forth between periods of stability and periods of growth and change. For example, your business will increase in volume or complexity, or you might hire an assistant to handle things while you take a step back in order to have more time with your family.

When your business is not in a dynamic period, you’re in Phase #4. With Bliss Your Money, your bookkeeping gets done every month — completely, accurately, and consistently — with minimal participation on your part!

Consulting and Coaching Services

To reach your profit goals, you need a viable profitability plan and a big shift in your mindset.


We’ll help you with both.

Business, Profitability and Strategy Consulting

Growing your business, and ready to get big fast? Ready to predict your expenses and budget for sustainability as well as get your books done every month? Need help preparing reports to apply for business funding?

Your Financial Bliss Blueprint included our recommendations. Strategic consulting helps you put the recommendations into action.

  • How’s your AR/AP system?
  • Are weekly journal entries needed, or does every single transaction go into QuickBooks?
  • What does your collections process look like?
  • What’s your policy for no-shows? How is it reflected in your books?

A lot of business owners don’t realize their processes are not set up to handle all these things. And then when you find out, it can be daunting! We’ll work through the recommendations with you in biweekly or monthly meetings.

That means we will review your numbers with you, help you to create really specific targets, build them into your budgeting and other processes, and coach you on how to make those numbers change in the right direction.

All bookkeepers do things a little differently, so business owners need to review bookkeeping processes from time to time. Likewise when your business process or offerings change, your accounting system needs to change to match. Periodic meetings will keep everything in sync.

This consulting in addition to Dynamic Bookkeeping will help you get to the most efficient processes that include the information you need for strategic planning.

Mindset Coaching

We also provide mindset coaching, which can be started at any time, independent of the bookkeeping phases.

What is a healthy money mindset? That’s when you can look at your money and see with clear eyes what’s happening and what you need, and you have the clarity, insight and support to make the money you want to make, resulting in greater experiences of abundance in a way that fits well with your goals and values. It includes worrying about money appropriately and having a calm confidence when things are going well.

It’s totally normal to struggle with that! A lot of entrepreneurs just like you can and do benefit from coaching to adjust their mindset.

For business owners, a healthy money mindset is vital. Mindset coaching helps entrepreneurs clear away obstacles when something inside you is getting in the way of knowing what needs to be done, doing what needs to be done, and/or knowing when you’ve done enough for now and it’s okay to rest.

Questions? We LOVE Answering Questions!

What is the difference between your firm and your run of the mill bookkeeper that I can hire for $15 an hour off CraigsList?

I’m glad you asked! Your typical bookkeeper works alone, in their home or office. They have limited experience and they get to their work as long as they are healthy and well. We are a whole firm of experienced bookkeepers, accountants and consultants.

Each of our bookkeepers is backed by the rest of our team, so everything is covered, everything is done on time, and we can get you reports, even if your bookkeeper is on vacation or taking a personal day. We have decades of expertise across a wide variety of industries, so we can answer questions that your basic bookkeeper can’t answer.

We can handle more complex bookkeeping projects with greater accuracy and speed.

What makes a bookkeeping account complex?

The biggest factors in whether an account is complex enough to increase the cost are: number of transactions, whether the books have been updated recently or not, if there are errors or inconsistencies in the books, and the accuracy and completeness of the Chart of Accounts. At the beginning of every client relationship, we fully assess your books and give you recommendations of what package will work best for your goals and needs, along with an estimate for service costs.

Do you do payroll?

We love doing payroll! And payroll has separate, variable costs, which means it has to be priced specifically for you and your business. The costs vary by how many employees your business has and what state (or how many states) you are in, for example. We’ll gladly give you a full, clear quote for your payroll needs — just ask us, or fill out the contact form here!

Do I get live meetings with each of these services?

Yes! These days, many bookkeeping companies just send statements and don’t get on calls with you. But we’re different, because we think of our work with you as a partnership. You can get different frequencies and types of live meetings, all conducted over Zoom.

What is the mindset coaching for? Do I really need that?

To answer your question, let’s take a quick look at another of our clients as an example. Jessica knew she needed help. Every month at our regular meeting, she was in tears because she was so freaked out by doing her books. We could see that the help she needed went beyond standard bookkeeping services! So we assured her that we weren’t going to give up, and we sat with her through all the emotions, helping her to release them. Years later, Jessica is the proud and confident owner of a one-woman business. We still see her quarterly, but she’s able to handle most of her bookkeeping and reporting herself. On top of that, she’s grown her income dramatically without increasing her workload. That’s the kind of transformation that mindset coaching can give you!

How soon can we get started?

As soon as you get in touch! Book a date and time to share your goals and challenges with us on a call, and we’ll go from there.

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What will it be worth to your business when you can make decisions consistently based on accurate, up-to-date numbers and expert insights? What will it be worth to YOU, when you don’t have to worry about your bookkeeping any more and can focus on doing your real work?

Your business will run smoother, earn better, profit more, grow and scale faster, all while requiring less effort from you than ever. So you can finally do what you actually WANT to do with all of those work hours you used to spend poking at your books. (Enjoy!)


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