Taking Care of Business, Taking Care of You

Written by Briana Cavanaugh

June 25, 2009

Money work is about two things: taking care of yourself and information. Most of my posts are about the information side. This post is about some ways that you can take great care of yourself and increase your ability to bring in business at the same time.

In my experience, I handle money best when I’m feeling at my best. When I’m feeling down or haven’t been taking good care that’s when I’m the most likely to make less than stellar decisions – to spend money badly, dip into savings when I wasn’t planning on it, over commit myself, or take too much time off.

So here’s a reminder of some things you can do to make sure you’re feeling in tip top shape. Doing these things consistently will change the way you spend money because it will change the way that you feel. Most difficult decisions people make around money seem to happen when they are feeling emotional, drained, exhausted or scared.

1. Sleep. Getting enough sleep consistently is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. Make sure your space is comfy and dark and that you get at least 7-8 hours every night. If you’re doing substantial healing work (physical or emotional) you need 9 and a half hours a night.

2. Eat well. You are what you eat, literally. Your cell walls are made of the fats you eat, your blood carries the nutrients, proteins make up your skin and hair and veggies support your system running clean and getting rid of waste. Crowd out caffeine, sugar, preservatives and trans fats with real, whole, nourishing foods. Eat what truly nourishes you so that you are available, focused and ready for your business and for your life.

3. Exercise. Exercise is the only thing clinically proven to improve depression – the only thing. Moving your body consistently changes your brain chemistry, makes you more effective, able to focus, lifts your mood, and makes you ready to take on the world. Find some way that you love to move your body and go for it! If you don’t love your body, begin by becoming aware of that and notice what joy there is. Keep coming back to that in any moments of self-destructive behavior to help you re-focus. You are a beautiful human being.

4. Get outside. The earth, the clean air, the sunlight all have things to offer your body. Sunlight effects brain chemistry positively. 20 minutes a day is the minimum needed to get your sun-related vitamins. Yum!

5. Be kind. Doing a kind act releases serotonin which makes you feel good. In fact, doing the act, receiving the act, and watching the act all create those chemicals. Make kindness part of your day and see how it changes the way you feel.

5. Love. Be with people who feed you and who you feel good about. When you’re filled up you’re more likely to do something kind and be at your best and that draws the best of the universe to you.

6. Play. Playfulness inspires participation. Looking to bring in new clients? Play. Looking to find a partner? Play. Get out and have a great time and see what happens, how many people you meet and how you feel afterwards (it’s also great to helping you induce sleep and cure insomnia!). It’s one we often seem to over look, but that attitude is more likely to bring in clients than all the other things you’re doing combined. Plus it’s fun. And who doesn’t want to have fun?

6. Practice skilled relaxation. Whether it’s meditation, yoga or Tai Chi, doing something that intentionally brings you into your body and present helps your nervous system do it’s job and take better care of you and your brain which makes decision-making more clear. Plus it feels so good.

7. Contribute. Recently in a workshop Matthew Engelhart of Cafe Gratitude fame, said something to the effect of, “When you feel constricted around money, give.” Contribution gives life purpose and meaning as does love and family. These are things that help us, causing us to strive for the best and reach beyond ourselves into the extra-ordinary. Also remember that bit about kindness above? I’m a volunteer junkie – helping people makes me feel really good. And right now there are a lot of opportunities to help. So figure out what inspires you and give – time, money, energy and see what happens. Open the door to possibilities and co-creating something amazing with the people you love.

8. Take care of the gift wrap for your soul. You body is the home of your emotions, thoughts, and actions. Don’t put off the trip to the dentist, doctor, healer, massage practitioner or body worker. If you know you need to, you do. Feeding yourself in that way makes you available to friends, family and your business. You’ve only got one body and I know it’s cliche, but it will take care of you if you take care of it. All those aches and pains, lack of clarity, headaches and stiffness are telling you something. Tune in and listen.

Have a beautiful amazing day and I look forward to seeing you out in the wide world!


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