On the Eve of Something New

Written by Briana Cavanaugh

December 31, 2015

I spent this morning in reflection and meditation with my business peers in our mastermind, which is a place for each of us to bring our gifts and what we’re working on and dive deep with safety and love.

Today we explored this last year and I thought I’d bring you my reflections and some things you can do to honor this year and call in what you want for next year.

First the questions so that you can do them on your own without any interference if you so choose, and then my love for your journey.

  1. Walking backwards through this year one month at a time, what are the highlights? Good, bad, terrible, great? Just look at what’s happened this year in all its glory!
  2. What are your celebrations for 2015?
  3. What are you leaving behind and want to let stay in 2015 and not carry with you?
  4. What are you bringing into 2016?
  5. What are you asking for (something(s) you want that are not quite here yet)?

Walking back through the year there are some high highlights and gifts for me… I started with a business mentor and launch coach who’ve both helped me really up my game.

We implemented Profit First in our business and I got to take my first profit disbursement from my company. I used that profit to go to Manhattan and see my first ever show on Broadway!

I hired 7 people this year all told. I let go of 3 people who just weren’t a good fit for where we grew into. This is a combination of hard and beautiful. I wish I’d had more skills in each of these transitions – and now I do. .

My son turned 18 and I turned 40. Big deals; big transitions. Huge openings into love.

Each of these has been a huge learning for me and I’ve done my best to gather the gifts of each of these turnings of the wheel of the year – the gifts of joy, the gifts of pain, the gifts of insight and clarity about what I do and don’t want for me, for my business, my team, my family, my community and my life!

But the thing that I want to say to you, more than any list of accomplishments, is that I want to invite you into seeing your greatness.

If you’ve showed up here, you’re seeking your own greatness, reaching for your own divinity. Many people wander through life disconnected and half asleep. But you’ve stepped into more love and more seeking.

Sometimes that journey is uplifting and sometimes that journey is painful. But deciding to hear the call and even consider taking up the mantle of self-reflection, self-discovery and clarity – about money or anything – is an exceptional act.

So the last exercise is to make a list of the things that you really love about yourself and that you want to be loved for. And then send that to me. I want to see your greatness more clearly!

So on the eve of the New Year I want to reflect back your heart and your greatness.

Blessings on your journey!


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