Happy New Year! How was it?

Written by Briana Cavanaugh

January 1, 2015

I hope 2014 was awesome for you!

This morning I woke up to my favorite niece (ok, my only niece) asking me to come play with her!

I love her sense of play – she plays all the time and has a deep and abiding skil of making everything playful and fun! I love it!

Many of us are in vacation mode and just really having some down time. Some of it really fun and some of it not so fun, like the rest of our lives.

Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to be sharing  more stuff than usual –hopefully more stuff you’ll totally love. I’ve been writing up a storm and starting 2015 in a big way.

So this one, I want to encourage you to take a moment, really even just 2-5 minutes and reflect on 2014. Just slow down a minute and asking yourself: What worked in 2014? What did work so well? Hitting the highlights month by month can really help you get clarity.

If you can’t do both, do what worked. There’s too much downer crap in the world. It takes great courage to choose positivity and stay there. Especially in the face of what most people like to do: complain.

We often just keep moving forward, especially with business – things move so fast!

But when we take time to reflect we can use that information and insight to actually fuel our future action. And in truth it doesn’t have to take a lot. I mean the more you put into it, the more you get out of it, but anything is better than nothing.

So no judgment, just jump in and do what you can right now.

And then send it to me – If you send me yours, I’ll send you mine! (Sign up for our email list in the box on this page to get this is email to reply to it!)


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