Control, being right vs wanting to be taken care of

Written by Briana Cavanaugh

May 18, 2020

Do you want more control of your money?

I know you’re sitting there thinking, “Of course I do! Who doesn’t want more control over their money?!”

I know! It made me laugh too.

For years and years (and sometimes even still) I want more control over my money!

Or I feel out of control. Like money has got me by the short and curlies, you know?

Wanting control is only one piece of the story.

Do you want to be right? Being right, is part of control.

Other synonyms for control:

  • Wanting to Win
  • Needing to Understand
  • Needing to Be Right
  • Persisting (not letting something go)
  • To get rid of
    • Need to Change
    • Need to Escape

We all want that at some time or another. And right now I know control has really been up for me and my clients.

This global pandemic has us all dealing with uncertainty and overwhelm. It’s very present in my day to day right now.

Not being sure when I can plan to travel or make plans to see my staff.

There is so much of this happening.

I am here with you to help you be present and to shift these feelings. I’m here to help you have an easier time dealing with *waves hands* all of this.

And there’s more…

The other of side of control has to do with… wanting to be taken care of.

For example do you ever …

I felt like someone is trying to control me. (Like an arm wrestling match with the universe.)

Or even still I wish someone would just take care of me (control me) so I didn’t have to think about money?!

Want to just stay confused and not sort things out? It’s just too hard!!!

Can you relate?

And yes wanting to be controlled or the aversion to having control is part of the set of beliefs around control.

Isn’t that fascinating?

I know this is intense to think about sometimes. I don’t want to leave you with the creepy crawlies. Keep reading!

  • Control is a huge part of our collective money stories.
  • Control shows up in all the fairy tales with the white horses and guys with last name Charming. It shows up in all the love stories. It shows up in the “make it big” stories. Money will be handled. Taken care of. CONTROLLED. Handled.

My baby sister called me a control freak for years. Years!

But really what I wanted was someone to do all the money work for me. Take care of it, make it, track it, etc.

And finally, I started to embrace it. Yes I want control! Yes I want to know *exactly* what’s going on with my money. Yes I want someone to take care of me!

I want you to know that this is really normal. And it’s especially normal right now.

Normal does not mean that you need to keep it. Normal does not mean this needs to be the only side of the story.

I have something coming up that can help unwind the twists that we get ourselves into around this. (And it’s by donation, so keep reading!)

We are actually going to shift our relationship with control!

No you don’t have to give up wanting to be taken care of. Not at all.

If these ideas are something that you’re struggling with, I want to make control and being taken care of easier.

This is the right place for you if you are a biz owner and you:

  • Want to release needing control (without losing control)
  • Want to feel easier about your relationship with money
  • Want to stop struggling with control/being taken care of
  • Afraid you’re too controlling
  • Worry that you’re not controlling enough
  • Feel out of control about money

What I’m getting at here is your mindset and your beliefs around money and control.

When we’re in this place needing control and feeling constricted everything gets harder. On the next call we make it easier!

Come be with other control freaks and me!

After a very long hiatus, I have started teaching again!

So I am bringing all my financial coaching skills to these monthly soirees. They are by donation.

Meaning that you can show up and pay what you are able to pay. We use the money for 2 things: 1 staff time to do the set up promotion and 2 the profit is donated to a local food bank. So your money will be put to great use!

These Money Hug sessions have been completely delicious.

This next one (on 5/27/20) is about control and all the aspects of control that we’re dealing with right now.

We’ll do what we did before:

  1. We will get really present to where we are
  2. I’ll teach a bit and
  3. We will do some clearing and releasing work. (Not sure what releasing work is? I’m about to release a blog post about it so hang in there!)

We’d love to have you!

Join us! (You’ll get all the details when you sign up (hint: press the button)!


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