Are you a woman with investments in crypto?

Written by Briana Cavanaugh

June 10, 2021

Did you know that only 26% of crypto investors are women?

Demographic studies of crypto investors show that this is another area where historically marginalized groups are getting ignored or shut out. I mean, no surprise.


Anyone who wants to get involved in cryptocurrency needs to learn what it is and how it works in order to make the most of the investment opportunity. That learning curve is there for everyone.

But this is how (some) men drive women out of financially empowering endeavors. Stereotypes about women become condescension, objectification, or erasure. Like, it’s finance, and women “can’t” do money because math. It’s tech, and women “can’t” be on the cutting edge because math.

Condescension, objectification, and erasure get weaponized in various ways against other groups, too — African-American investors, queer folks, disabled folks, and so on.

And this is not okay.

You are perfectly capable of build wealth through investment. BIPOC folks, women, queer folks, disabled folks etc. are inherently capable. In fact when talking investment, even boards with only one woman on them do better than boards that are all men.

It’s not just that “diversity matters” — diversity is critical to being able to see all sides of an issue and bring emergent strategies to play in emerging markets.

That’s why we circle up. Getting support is important, and support often does a lot more for us when we’re in community with people we can trust to respect us and empathize with our struggles.

In my 15 years of running a bookkeeping firm, I’ve had many opportunities (as a queer woman and employer of teams of women) to see that a lot of men don’t listen or communicate well when they’re too into puffing themselves up or just don’t really believe in female competence.

My bookkeeping company, Bliss Your Money, is doing our part to change that.

Just as every business owner needs to track their money to make the best decisions, every crypto investor needs to track their investments to develop the best portfolio. In other words, everyone needs a bookkeeper. And that works best when communication, respect, and partnership go both ways.

It also works best when your bookkeeper listens to you and understands what you’re doing. It’s important that your financial professionals understand your field and can be a trusted advisor. We are your trusted finance team.

Accounting isn’t just numbers — because you can’t do the numbers right if you don’t understand, for example, that a cannabis brick and mortar store is wildly different from a crypto portfolio.

Accounting done right means building mathematical models based on a deep understanding of how a system works. One bookkeeping system models a consulting firm while another bookkeeping system models a factory.

I’m a cryptocurrency investor. I know from experience that we need specialized bookkeeping to keep track of our cutting-edge investment instruments. We’re able to analyze crypto investment transactions beyond the tools provided on your crypto wallet dashboard. We’ll get you the right metrics so that you can better understand your investment position and we won’t treat you like a child for wanting to know more than what your wallet dashboard is telling you.

If you’re looking for someone in bookkeeping to actually listen to you and help you, talk with us!


Source of the 26% statistic:

Bliss Your Money is a bookkeeping firm, not finance/investment advisors.


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