Don’t hide from your tax extension, we can help!

Don't hide from your tax extension, we can help!

Written by Briana Cavanaugh

August 24, 2021

Have you filed for last year or are you in extension? Do you struggle with getting organized to file on time?

A lot of entrepreneurs struggle with keeping their financial records organized and timely. You’re not alone! This happens routinely to all kinds of business owners.

We’d be delighted to get your books caught up. Reach out now — getting the books cleaned up and ready for tax filing will take a bit of time. The longer it’s been waiting, the more work there is for us to do. We love these kinds of back-books projects!

You’re good at creating value for your clients and you love what you do for them — but you didn’t go into business to do your own accounting.

Even if you like doing your books, chances are the best value you can give to your clients and to your business is for you to focus on serving the clients you have (and getting new ones). You have so many other things to do, it’s hard to keep a routine with your books. They get behind, and then they get further behind, and then it feels like an overwhelming mess.

When is the best time to get started with a bookkeeper? Whenever you realize you’re ready to ask for help!

Sure, you could wait until one month before your taxes are due. But getting started early means you won’t be stressed about filing on time.

And it means that you can space out the cost of the back-bookkeeping over two months or more — so that you aren’t paying for a year of books plus the CPA all in one month.

Additionally, because our bookkeeping team is highly skilled and experienced, we can send financial information to your tax preparer more smoothly — imagine records that are complete, on time, and in the format that your CPA needs them to be. Through this efficient communication with your CPA, we reduce your tax preparation costs!

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