Not enough time.

Written by Briana Cavanaugh

July 16, 2019

I keep thinking about this quote that I mentioned to you last week: “Resistance is opposition to force, real or imagined.” Hale Dwoskin.

For me resistance recently has come in terms of: time urgency. 

No one had ever told me about this one. I thought that when things felt urgent that they ARE urgent.

They told me about worry and fear and overwhelm and money. But not time URGENCY.
Yes some things are actually urgent. But not as many as we think.

Time urgency is that the feeling of urgency like:

– Everything needing to be done right now! 

– That thing cannot wait! (even though it’s not due for weeks)

– I have to drop everything and…. (even though it didn’t feel urgent 5 minutes ago)

– Everything feels so urgent that I don’t know what to do first!

Time urgency is a form of self-sabotage. 

Time urgency is a way of collapsing your mental space to give way to worry.

For me it comes as that last one: everything feels so urgent that I don’t know what to do first. For me it often comes with a feeling of despair or overwhelm. It’s a way of not being able to sort through what I really need to do now. And instead of being able to pick my next right action, everything just becomes a bundle of nerves and upset. It often upsets or over takes my actual planning.

And then suddenly, all at once, I’m no longer present to what’s happening now. I can’t act from where I am.

When I watch this happen to clients….

Instead of being able to act, they are worried or scared and go into stories and reasons that they can’t do things. Maybe it’s blame or shame or disconnection. You probably already know, your schtick.

Anyway, time urgency was kicking my butt this week! I even thought about firing everyone and doing it all myself!! (OMG what a mistake that would be!)

So, I worked through some Sedona Method and reduced my resistance on my own. I worked on coming back to the present moment and being with me and what’s happening right now.

Then I got with my coach and reduced my resistance some more.

I’m a “keep going until it’s solved” kinda girl. So I just didn’t give up until I finally got the time urgency gone and I could cope again. 

And instead of everything needing to happen now, I backed up and reviewed my plan and took my next right action from there.

Does this ever happen to you?

And now here’s questions for you to reflect on and really get this message:

  1.     Where do you experience resistance?
  2.     Do you experience time urgency? 
  3.     Under what circumstances?
  4.     How can you release your time urgency so that you can be present to what’s happening now? 



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