The First Step: Ending the Financial Feast or Famine Cycle

The First Step

If you’re struggling with money – whether it’s the first time or again and again over a period of years, it’s really good to just stop, back it up

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and really look at what you’re doing. It’s time to check in, dive deep and get some help.

Today I want to give you one of the steps, the first one in the series of 6 so that you can truly end the Financial Feast or Famine Cycle.

I’m giving them to you separately so that you can do just one thing a day and not freak out and not get overwhelmed. But just slow down and breathe and come back to your center where the prosperity and abundance really is.

In case you haven’t seen it, the Financial Feast or Famine Cycle looks like this…

One day you wake up in the morning excited. You’re inspired by something big – maybe a class you took or because it’s a new year.

You decide to really go for it, so you make business plans, you start a new exercise routine every day, start meditating, you’re now going to make all your own food, and you’re going paleo or raw or both and you decide this is the year to get married or have a baby or both!

And that’s super great because you start getting clients and the money starts rolling in! Or at least some money comes in. But you have to really work for it to make that happen.

About a 3 months or 3 weeks or so later….

You’re tired. No wait, you’re EXHAUSTED! You’ve been working 10 and 12 hour days and weekends.  And you don’t want to do any more of the things that you said you’d do because you’re exhausted. So you start skipping some of them. You keep doing some of them. Eventually you’re so tired that you collapse in a heap on the couch watching Netflix and eating Cheetos naked.

Don’t get me wrong, eating Cheetos naked can be hot. But that’s not what’s happening here. You are exhausted so the clients stop coming, so the money stops coming.

Then the backlash and you go for it again. The rollercoaster goes up. But then things get bad. The rollercoaster comes down. Again. Then you do all the things again. Cycle repeats. You don’t actually get anywhere. You’re stuck. You’re exhausted and overwhelmed.

And now you’re not sure that your business can work or is worth it.

You’ve got to end the cycle. You need to find a way to have consistent cash flow. You need to understand what’s happening with your money and what to do with it.  You need financial clarity.

Small businesses can be completely done in if they don’t have financial clarity. In addition to causing your business to tank, it can destroy your emotional life and relationships if your money goes sideways for long enough.  I want you to have the financial clarity and focus that brings your natural excitement and joy for your work.

i want the financial clarity that has you pop out of bed excited for your day because you know what you need to do and you are ready to do it! You excitement and joy and a plan!

So let’s talk about the very first thing to do to get you to financial clarity that leads to that financial freedom!

EXERCISE: If you see yourself in this cycle, name it.

Literally write down what triggered your last up and your last down. Write it down in your money journal (don’t have a money journal? Get one – any old journal will do. Write your feelings and your process and your money stories. It’s transformational.)

And in that journal write about the last time you had a financial up and down. Answer these questions.

  1. What triggered you to get inspired and go for it?
  2. What made you exhausted (maybe there was straw that broke the camels back, but what was under that straw that built up to the breaking point)?
  3. How did it feel? (Literally what are the sensations in your body as you think about it.
  4. What could you do differently next time?

That’s it. That’s the beginning of change, right there.

Look the beast in it’s face and talk about it.

And let me know how it goes.  Really. I want to hear about your answers to any or all of these questions. It helps me to know if this landed for you and if it was helpful so that I know what else to support you with.

Sending you tons of love,



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