Creating Unexpected Joy! #TiaraThursdays

Written by Briana Cavanaugh

March 27, 2015

Several people asked me if I was a princess today.

Doesn’t every little girl (or little person) at some point want to be a princess? I know I did. For the record my son did, too, so I know it’s not just the girls.

But princess-ing wasn’t in my plan for the day! I wanted to prep for The Big Shift, so I drove to Berkeley to look for some accessories to complement my wardrobe. Something to make me stand out and feel “put together.” Something new and pretty. And shiny.

I am great at playing with clothes, but not jewelry. Since I have one piece I really like, I decided to return to the place I got it and see what else they have. I searched through just about everything in the store before I saw the tiara.

I knew instantly that I wanted it. So clear in my body. So much love and excitement about wearing it and feeling amazing. Thoughts of dressing up and being magical went off like fireworks!

Even though I didn’t have a practical use for it, I got the tiara.

From that moment my day became intensely magical.

The shop girl asked me if I wanted to wear it home. Yes! Yes, I did. (And by home I meant to work with my assistant in a co-working space downtown with about 100 other people.)

I walked outside in my new sparkly tiara and the first person I passed told me I looked like a beauty queen. People smiled at me. People were suddenly very friendly and warm. I walked down the block to my car in bliss.

As I was getting into my car, two of the shop girls ran out to tell me that they’d never met a real princess before! (OMG I’m a REAL Princess!!!)

I bumped into friends who asked me to take pictures with them. People I’d met once months ago wanted a hug. Crazy?

Crazy beautiful!

One clear decision–a decision made with passion and love–transformed my day. The coffee shop people stopped to tell me they loved my tiara. People asked if it was my birthday and if I’d be around tomorrow. One clear decision made of love and hope and joy and beauty changed the rest of my day and the day of the people around me.

It made me wonder: what one thing could you do that would make your world full of joy and hope and beauty? What one decision would make you blissfully happy?


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