Accounting Consulting


Accounting Consulting

Grab your notebook

Dedicating a notebook to your work helps to set a sacred space for financial self care.

Here’s more details about Accounting Consulting. This service is designed for businesses who already have an accounting or bookkeeping system in place and want help re-vamping it or making it really work for them.

  • Is your system not quite working and you’d like to refine your process or do something different?
  • Do you want to learn how to set up and manage your accounting or bookkeeping?
  • Do you need your accounts set up?
  • Have you never had a bookkeeper and are terrified?

Accounting consulting is the most flexible of all the options. This is where we can design something that really works for you. Most out of the box systems need a fair amount of set up. And if you have been working a system, but have out grown it or need more specialization, this is the service to inquire about.

  • Set up QuickBooks or Quicken
  • Design and set up physical filing and other support systems
  • Changing, upgrading or refining existing systems
  • Chart of Accounts revisions
  • Integrating systems, such as  Expensify or Square
  • Refining Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
  • Reviewing Payroll systems
  • Implementing suggestions from your CPA or audit



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