For more profits, get to the top line

For more profits, get to the top line Do you love your business, but feel like you’re constantly grinding for very little reward? Does it feel unsustainable? Do you want to know about improving your profitability? This blog series will help! I’ve talked with a lot of people who aren’t really sure how profit works. […]

Three keys to top-line profitability

The best way to make your business grow and progress toward your vision is to increase the top line — your total revenue. This post is a sequel to a previous blog post. I wrote about the emotional challenges that make us focus only on the bottom line (gross income minus expenses) rather than the […]

Forecasting: Your best path to profits

We All Want to Make the Best Decisions When you’re deciding on a business strategy, do you frequently hesitate between options? Me, too! I always want to make a decision that will work best for my short- and long-term business goals. I’ve learned that to find my best path to profits, one of my strongest […]