Giving Back

Giving Back to the Community

Sometimes we find exactly the right thing for our healing, and it’s exactly the right moment, but our wallets are empty.  I’ve had that happen. It’s painful. But it doesn’t have to be. That’s where giving back to the community comes in.

Kissing a piggy shaped bank

Sometimes it just takes some love to get you on the right track.

Each week I spend one hour helping an awesome human being get some free financial healing.

If you need to get financially unstuck, have questions that need to be answered or are a budding entrepreneur strapped for cash, be in touch.  It’s easy to apply: send me your details and what you’re looking for and you’ll go on the waiting list.

When you get to the top of the list, it’s your turn.

There is, however, one catch…To stay on the list, you must email me every Friday with an update on what you’re doing to move your financial wellness forward. I’ll let you know you’re still on the list (and maybe give you a little insight if I have a moment.) Please help me in giving back to the community and let me help you!

If you don’t keep me in the loop, you fall off the list.

I love to offer financial healing sessions and love giving back to community.  If your group is having a fundraiser, please feel free to contact me and ask for a donation!


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