Three Exciting Events!

Written by Briana Cavanaugh

April 28, 2009

There are three big things on the horizon for us here at Infinitely Possible:
* Tonight @ EcoTuesday, meet my apprentice
* May 4th, 7pm @ Viceroy’s in Berekeley come talk about banking
* I’m going to be on the radio! May 20th @ 2:30pm!

Tonight I’m bringing my apprentice, Tom Howard, with me to EcoTuesday . It’s turning into quite the event. In addition to the panel discussion, several of my clients have said they will be there and I’m bringing my exciting and talented apprentice with me.

Tom is studying to be a CPA and has vastly helped me get current and re-inspire me in my work. It’s very exciting. Plus he’s English so he’s got that cool accent thing going on.

Come on out!

I will be hosting May’s Bookkeeper’s Roundtable with special guest Dale Marie Golden. Dale is the VP of Alta Alliance bank – the bank I’m curently most impressed with and is going to talk to us about banking and why her bank is doing well in this economy. Even if you’re not a bookkeeper, you might want to check it out!

We’ll meet Monday May 4th @ Viceroy’s in Berekeley at 7pm.

One last note that I’ll share more about soon is that I’m going to be on a radio show being hosted by one of my former clients Alice Moore of Emerge Healing (see Coffee Meditations). She’s a nutritionist and her show is about what it really means to be healthy. So I’ll be talking about financial health and well being. If there’s a question that you’d like answered, let me know and I’ll try to get it included! And I’ll post the date when I know it.

EDIT: I have the date: May 20th @ 2:30pm and I’ll let you know more details when I have ’em!

It’s an exciting time to be doing money work and I hope that you’ll join me at one of my upcoming events or inspired to invite me to one of yours!


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