The Exciting Benefits of Procrastination!

Written by Briana Cavanaugh

May 29, 2013

Do you often leave things until the last minute?
Do you put the “pro” in procrastination?

Successful journey sign

Good habits create amazing successes!

Do you want to leave the worrying, chaos, and overwhelm behind?

This event is perfect for you!

This week we’re looking at procrastination and your Will or third chakra. Specifically we’re diving into the Exciting Benefits of Procrastination!

We’ll cover:
*Why you procrastinate
*What you are really getting when you procrastinate
*And how to change your patterns

I invite you to into a journey, a momentary stepping away from your every day life, a slowing down, and taking a gentle dive into a cauldron of self-love, nourishment, and the being enough that reveals the abundance of your true self.

This is… Creating Financial Bliss, 6 Thursdays of Feeling Enough
(Come to all or just one…)

This week is part of an on-going series! Take one or take them all!
Week 3: 5/30/13 The Exciting Gifts of Procrastination, with Tia Paquin, Financial Goddess
Week 4: 6/6/13 Fall in heART with Yourself, with Stella the Good Witch, Astrologer
Week 5: 6/13/13 The Bliss of Speaking Your Truth with Dakota McKenzie, Bliss Activator, Branding Specialist
Week 6: 6/20/13 Being the Kiss Between Earth and Heaven, with Veenaa Saynana, Healer

Classes start promptly at 7pm and go until -9:30pm please arrive at 6:45pm
Contribution: $35-20
Please bring: water bottle, notebook, and 5 one dollar bills (in addition to your contribution). Please wear comfy, nourishing clothing. Feel free to bring snacks.

Location: Terra’s Temple: 654 Oakland Ave, Oakland (
Please park on the street, do not park in the drive way.

Each class is a container of support and exploration of your truth, gently. No force, no coercion, or have to’s. Just us, together learning, sharing and opening to our expanded selves. We are multi-modal and use movement, sound, energy, ritual, and journalling among our allies.

I look forward to seeing you there!


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