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Briana Cavanaugh 

motivates and empowers women to take control of their finances, by helping them End the Financial Feast or Famine Cycle!

Her personal mission is to end financial strife in the world, starting in the US. She has a vision of financial peace and the social change that flows from that. Her work is based deeply on loving yourself and having compassion for yourself first without shame or guilt or chaos.  She works to end entrepreneurial isolation and is committed to helping people get money out of their way so that they can live their passions and make the world a better place.

She has spoken at…

As Seen on: Radio shows and podcasts

  • Grow Your Accounting Podcast with Mike Micahelwicz – Interviewed by the guy who literally wrote the book on getting profit, Mike’s Profit First is taking the accounting world by storm. And he talks to her about love and self-appreciation on the path to getting profitable.
  • Radio with Karen Hager – A talk about money, abundance and manifestation with Karen Hager!
  • Attractionpreneurs with Terry Wilderman – Law of attraction and how to get more clients and end the financial feast or famine My-Big-Secret-3Dcycle
  • Fabienne Fredrickson’s success panel for 6 figure entrepreneurs.

As Seen On: Live

  • FemTalks with Jessica Hadari. She’s shared the stage with Sharla Jacobs, Mark and Shannon of Big Impact Live.
  • Successful Thinkers in Walnut Creek, Fremont
  • Benecia’s Woman’s Mastery
  • Financial Mastery Weekend with Nathalie Chapron and Rowena Starling


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“Briana is an amazing financial coach; her ability to see you with compassion and to inspire you to action will amaze you.” ~by John Van Dinther~

“Briana helped me figure out how to get my credit score back on track.  Briana gave me sound and practical advice on how to work with a secured credit card to build my credit score back up.  She explained it in an easy to understand manner and helped me to understand both the benefits and avoid the pitfalls.  My credit score is now at 795 and I am completely grateful for the financial freedom she has helped me create.” ~Caroline Carrington~

“Your gentle, kind and compassionate ability to be with me through the midst of my relearning my relationship with money has been such steady support.  Before I started working with you, I was pretty much keeping myself blinded and in denial about finances.  I almost never checked my bank balance.With your guidance, I’ve found a path through my resistance and am now learning about money as a spiritual daily practice.  Just recently, you helped me recognize and celebrate the continual successes I am having as a result of our work together.  Making financial choices with the lights on is meaning I am getting more of what I want, more of the time.  Your work is akin to getting off the diet treadmill.  I feel fresh and new, and open to infinite possibilities in regards to wealth.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” ~Pavini Moray~


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