Saving money should feel delicious!

Written by Briana Cavanaugh

June 6, 2017

Better than that cheesiest piece of pizza (extra pepperoni, please!) And dare we say it? As incredible as the best sex you’ve ever had.

What saving money shouldn’t feel like? Stomach knots. Stress. And it really shouldn’t feel like restriction. Because being in a position where you have extra money to put in the bank is a gift, and when you feel positive about the way you treat your finances, you become aligned with your wildest dreams.

But how does one stay positive and feel energetically aligned when debating over the hard “spend vs. save” debacle? We have a few tried and true tips we swear by.

1. Consider How The Purchase Will Make You Feel

When we’re about to make a purchase, we ask ourselves, “Will this really make me feel happy a few days from now? A few months from now?” “Would spending this make me feel regret?”

If the answer has any negativity surrounding it (or is anything other than a resounding, “Yes, this will bring me joy!) we walk away. No, really.

Another trick we have up our sleeves?  We walk away and let our intuition decide. It’s kind of like the tossing the penny trick– when you flip the coin, you suddenly know which side you’re hoping it lands on. Has it been a few days since you walked away from the item? Are having some serious blues? Go snag it! If something will bring you that much happiness, you deserve to have it in your life. And since money is an abundant resource, there’s always more where that came from!

2. Vision Board It

If you don’t have a vision board, girlfriend, make one! Vision boards are super powerful tools for clarity and manifestation, especially when you actually take the time to meditate on it and ponder how the things on your vision board will make you feel. After you create your vision board, choose an item you’d really love to manifest ASAP, and put cash into your savings for it. You can even title the savings account with the name of the thing you’re trying to bring into your life (like “house savings” or “vacation savings”).

Alternately, create a box or jar you can physically put money into. The feeling energetically aligned part? When you put the money aside for your dreams you show the universe you’re serious about that new home/car/your yoga studio membership/concert tickets/etc. and things start to reveal themselves at a more rapid pace. With clarity comes results.

3. Find Your Tribe

Make sure you’ve joined my Facebook group where we’re talking about Financial Bliss! Click here for Financial Clarity Now. Find a tribe that supports your efforts to save a little cha-ching cha-ching + set weekly at-home date nights that don’t involve going out and spending your latest paycheck. Some ideas? Spa nights, homemade dinners (pick a new country to make authentic cuisine from every round!) or a movie marathon. There’s nothing that makes a girl feel better than some heart to heart girl talks over something everyone in the group enjoys! The quality time your group will spend together will feel so amazing you’ll want to continue the tradition long after you’ve conjured-up the (insert desirable here) of your dreams.

Let us know: How does saving currently make you feel?


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