I believe that our relationship with money matters.

And I believe we get the final say in that relationship.


Do you frequently worry about money?

Does your business keep running into unexpected expenses?

Do you worry that you have a money mess on your hands and are embarrassed to show it to anyone?

If any of those are true, it’s time to get control of your finances and change your relationship with money.

If you want to get control of your finances, move the obstacles in the way of financial freedom and security, and go on to bigger brighter things, you are in the right place.

 Hi, I’m Briana Cavanaugh, the Financial Bliss Mentor!

I am excited you’re here and I’m looking forward to helping you take your relationship with money from chaos to bliss!

If you’re struggling with money, chances are you’re allowing it to leak out of your budget without even realizing it.

Don’t worry – most people do! At least before they have the information and support they need to do something different. But today you can get that information and start saving yourself and your business money right now.

It’s ok if talking about this stuff makes you nervous – that just makes you human. And we’ll go through the pieces together, don’t worry.

I created a list of “77 Money Leaks and How to Fix them Right Now!” to help you get some relief from your money worries right away! All you have to do is put your name and email address in the box to the right and once you confirm you want the list, we’ll pop it right over to you.

This is a list of the things I’ve gathered from my clients over years – things they struggled with before we helped them end the financial feast or famine cycle. The common ones, sure, but also at least a few you won’t be expecting. (I mean I’m an expert at this stuff so I probably have at least a trick or two up my sleeve and if I don’t, I recommend unsubscribing right away!)

If you can find just six leaks to stop that equal $10 every month, at the end of the year you’ve got an extra $720 in the bank. That’s a good start on that dream vacation! And there are 77 leaks on the list, so chances are you can stop a lot more than that once you can clearly identify them and the path to changing them.

Getting clarity about money helps you make more of it, keep more of it, and reduce that stress and anxiety that you’re feeling now.

It’s my mission to help as many people as I can have as much ease with money as possible. It’s how we can be freed up to do other awesome things in your life like spending more time on your passion or business and hanging out with your family and less time worrying about money!

Knowing your numbers and getting clarity about what you need is the first step on the road to Financial Bliss. That’s what we do here. We have lots of experience with it and we help people just like you every day!

So go ahead and put your name and email address in the box to the right and we’ll get you the checklist and support to help you actually close the money leaks right now.

Praise for our work:

“I have felt supported by Briana and her team in both the logistics and the emotional aspects of becoming a financially independent woman post-divorce. Since working with Briana my business has grown and I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders and my mind. I feel more free to create what I want through my business, and I feel more trust in myself around my finances moving forward. I feel blessed to have Briana and her team in my life and I would recommend her to anyone who is taking their life and their business to the next level!”
Jessica Hadari, Founder FEM Talks www.femtalks.org


QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor - QuickBooks Online Certification “Briana is an amazing financial coach, her ability to see you with compassion and to inspire you to action will amaze you.” 
John Van Dinther, 2 Hats Consulting


“Briana brings a wide perspective of what financial health means and how to achieve it–from the emotional challenges to the nitty-gritty practicals of bookkeeping. She is both professional and warm and engaging. I highly recommend her for anyone who wants to bring more integrity to one’s finances, with a great holistic approach.”
Ursula Ferreria, Women’s Body Wisdom: Midwifing Strength, Beauty & Joy

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