Minimum wage compliance resources

Written by Briana Cavanaugh

September 20, 2021

With more and more employees working remotely, how do you stay current with the minimum wage laws, especially if your employees live in different states?

If you have an attorney specializing in employment law, their website or email list may provide you with the right information, or you might need to contact them.

But before you spend any money on this question, check the internet.

As always when looking up legal information, keep in mind that if your attorney is telling you one thing and a website is telling you something different, your attorney probably knows something the website doesn’t. Things that are true in general might not apply to your particular case!

It can be difficult to stay current and compliant when minimum wage increases are phased in over multiple years. Furthermore, minimum wage can differ not only by state, but also by county or city.

If your region has federal, state, and city minimum wage laws, you should apply the highest rate of the three. Additionally, you can only apply the tipped minimum wage if your employee customarily receives tips.

If you use a payroll/HR service such as Gusto which provides comprehensive resources across the U.S., they may also publish minimum wage information. Here’s Gusto’s page on minimum wage requirements. Most payroll services offer the required minimum wage law postings to their clients.

You can also try searching the web for sellers of minimum wage law posters. These websites typically list the minimum wages, so you don’t have to buy anything to get answers. For example:

If you want to dive into the really deep end of employment law, you can follow the Seyfarth Shaw blogs. This law firm is very protective of employers.

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