Is it the journey or the destination?

Written by Briana Cavanaugh

November 17, 2016

photo-1461301214746-1e109215d6d3Let me just ask you straight out:
Do you believe that adage: “it’s about the journey and not the destination?” Or maybe it’s about the journey and the destination?

If you believe that (and I do), then I have something powerful to share with you.

If it’s about the journey, then you have to admit that you’ve already been rewarded. The journey is the reward. I mean, right?

If the journey is what you’re here for then you don’t need a reward. You’ve already been rewarded. You’ve been rewarded by the journey! You’ve been rewarded all along the way.

If it’s about the journey then you can now let go of the payout.

Wait what? You mean it’s not about the pay off? I know, this has been a leap for me too. It’s about the pleasure, the journey.

In fact, if it’s not about the journey, you have to let go of doing something for the big payoff. The payoff is not aligned with the journey and it’s keeping you stuck in waiting and playing small for the payout. Let go of “they don’t understand how hard I work.” Let go of, “I can’t do it unless I get paid well for it.” This is a cage that you put yourself in.

Not that you don’t deserve to get paid, but if you stick yourself in the “they don’t understand me” box, you won’t risk. You won’t play big, you won’t go for what you really want because you’ll be sitting with thoughts about looking foolish, or about having to always be the best or not wanting to be seen in your mistakes.

Be it at parenting, business, your hobbies, or your relationship, “you don’t understand me” and waiting for the payout diminishes you and keeps you from being present and keeps you from moving.

It keeps you from pleasure. It keeps you from having what you really want.

If other people don’t understand you, you won’t risk with them. And you won’t even let them see who you are. And that means you won’t get the clients, you won’t write the new program, you won’t reach out, you won’t do FB live videos. You won’t speak or market.

The reward is the learning.
The reward is having a great team.
The reward is in *this* moment not some future moment.
You are being rewarded now.

Your seeking reward is a fool’s game. It’s folly. Seek the journey. Play with the now, find joy now. Play is the reward. Pleasure is the reward.

If you’re already being rewarded you can give yourself a fresh start.

You can let go of being stuck and still and comfortable and reach for what you want. Risk for your joy and for the journey!

Exercise: Ask yourself, “Where am I telling myself a story about other people?”

And then decide that this thing is for you. That you can have.

Let me know how it goes!

Financial Bliss Blessings,



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