Imagined Opposition to Force

Life happens when you are busy making other plans right? Curve balls and crisis happen to all of us – but what about when the only thing in your way is an imagined opposition to force?

Do you know we’re in the process of launching a podcast? I’m really excited about it! So much so that we did a live version of Ep0 in the FB group a few weeks back. I was so excited!


It was such a disaster! It can be summed up in this quote:

Resistance is opposition to force, real or imagined.” Hale Dwoskin

OMG. Imagined. And real. But also imagined!

Have you ever made something up in your head that turned out not to be true? No, me either. 😉

I mean I definitely have and have had real opposition. Shit that has actually happened to me. Situations, financial disasters, etc. And I’ve overcome a lot of them. But the real stuff I’m used to dealing with. 

Today I’m working on imagined. 

We had a massive tech fail when we attempted to record Ep0, live into my FB group. So big it’s still reverberating through the multiverse, I think.  🙂 Or at least in my head.

We ended up doing 3 of these episode pieces all told. We started 20 minutes late because we hadn’t actually decided which tech to use and so we were totally scrambling at literally the last possible second. And then we couldn’t get the tech to work. I was freaking out!

And then I realized that we’d tested nothing in terms of tech.

We’d been focused on the content! And I didn’t realize that the thing I had been doing for just me on FB wouldn’t work at any kind of scale. Blam-o! Everything fell on the floor!

So… now I know a lot more than I did. Ha! And I’m here to share the lessons I (re-)learned! Again.

One of the things that I realized was that I didn’t check to see who was leading the plan. I assumed my OBM was and she assumed I was. Ooops!

 We both totally made up that the other had the plan. We imagined it.

That’s such a huge mistake! It’s so normal and yet so… not me.

I wanted to blame her so bad – and for a minute I did. (I’m not perfect and I don’t intend to play perfect on tv.) And then in the light of day I realized that instead of having duelling providers where everyone is trying to lead, I had a situation where no one has the plan. No one is leading the plan.

Including me. Ugh!

I totally imagined how it would go, but I didn’t manage to actually say the words with my out loud voice. It’s much easier for people to hear me when I say things with my out loud voice.

What I just learned (again!!!)  is that this whole plan has to be one of: trust but verify as the result of a workable – shared – plan. And that we go over the plan and make sure someone has got it and all the details. And someone is checking on it – especially if we’re doing something for the first time! 

I feel like this is what I used to do always when I did event production. Make your list, find all the people and pieces, check you list at least twice before go time. And then check it again.

In recovering from the car accident my brain seems to have dropped this step. And so I’m learning to pick it back up. S-l-o-w-l-y. 

I’m doing that by:

  • Trying to use a planner every morning to plan my day and remind me of what I need to do so that my brain is more focused.
  • Making sure things get into Asana and then checking them off so we know right where we are!
  • Taking breaks throughout the day, not just at lunch time. So that I come back fresh and focused.
  • Getting outside on my breaks and feel the air on my face and the ground under my feet.
  • Reminding myself when I come back what’s the most important thing to work on.
  • Asking my team for help to stay on track.

And working on reducing my resistance. Forever.


Ok, your turn? Questions to cement your learning

  1.     What plans are not working for you?
  2.     And what do plans do you need to review and check in with your people about?
  3.     What plans don’t you want to check in with people about? (Prioritize those, they are the most in need of your help!

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