For the Love of Chocolate

Written by Briana Cavanaugh

February 22, 2008

One of the things that Conscious Bookkeeping and I have in common is a value of “Celebration through Chocolate.”

I have found more joy in recent weeks giving away chocolate to people than I’ve ever found in eating it. Not to say that I don’t eat chocolate (ha!), but the joy that lights up people’s faces when I ask them if they want some chocolate fills me with happiness. Going to the store to buy chocolate for clients brings me great joy knowing that the people that I work with will get joy from what I’m doing – even or maybe especially if looking at their finances is painful.

Recently my favorite kind of chocolate to share is Harry and David’s truffles. They are big enough to give more than a tiny taste and rich enough to be wonderful without risking spilling anything.

One of the things that this made me realize again is how much money is really both about giving and receiving. We often focus on getting our income up, but the flow of money is more like breathing – we pay bills and we pay for food (exhale), we earn money and put it in the bank (inhale). And without the flow we would have no need to bring the money in, we would stagnate.

Money is the energy that we’ve agreed to trade for our goods and services. On it’s own it has no special powers. It’s one “power” is to help us trade what we do more universally.

Like for chocolate. Mmmm… chocolate.


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