You read that right: Joy in busy traffic.

Because as difficult as it can be, I’m here to tell you that the ability to be grateful for life (no matter what it throws at you) is a key component in receiving everything you’ve ever wanted + more.


In case you’re just jumping in, we’re in the midst of the Manifesting Your Ideal Life series (and before you read on, I suggest you read the first couple, herehere), where we’ve been discussing exactly that…all I have to say is this: Expect big impact.


So today, we’re diving into how you can be grateful for just about anything, and how that really works.

The first lesson? Even if it’s not exactly what you wanted, find something to approve of + be grateful for.

Some examples:


You didn’t get invited to speak at a conference you had auditioned for, but because of that you get to spend that time doing X, Y, Z.


You didn’t manifest the $5,000 client you had been hoping for, but you snagged an ideal client whose work feels yummy and will pay you a little less.


You’re stuck in busy traffic + won’t make it home in your usual commute time, but the 80’s hits are on loud + proud!


This lesson is all about being able to perceive everything you’re given from the Universe in a positive light. This can be tough to do at first, especially if you’re not used to it, but make it a habit to state 3 things you’re grateful for every morning, or when life seems to get hard, and it eventually becomes a habit.


What not to do? Don’t immediately look for things that are going wrong or belittle a gift like it doesn’t matter. It’s easy for us to want a hundred dollars but only find $10 in a coat pocket and not think it’s totally exciting! Get jazzed up over the little things.


Ready to expand? Express gratitude by being specific about what you’re grateful for– not just saying, “thank you.”


An example being taking a gift you don’t like so much from a family member + thinking, “How sweet of them to think of me– they must have put a lot of thought into giving me such a unique item!”


I want to know: What are you grateful for this week?