Financial Clarity Now, Redux

Financial Clarity Now! Redux!

This is for our folks that have taken this class once already!  This is the details about the re-up you can do on the cheap to stay in the vortex of love and support through February.

Here’s a recap of what we did last time as a reminder.

I’ve taken the special “financial clarity process” I use with all my clients and simplified it into pieces that take just 5-20 minutes a day.  Financial Clarity Now! is the first step – the very beginning – of helping you be amazingly, consistently clear about your money and how you’re handling it.


I’m super excited to announce that we are launching the debut of this very low cost, easy to do class that you can do from wherever you are at a special low price for people who sign up now.

The Financial Clarity Now! class meets all the criteria I think small businesses are both looking for and need:

  1. It’s a whole, effective process
  2. It’s do-able (step by step, only 5-20 minutes a day, 5 days a week for a month)
  3. It’s flexible (it’s all online)
  4. It has tons of support (weekly calls, FaceBook group, accountability structure)
  5. It’s not just online (I threw in an in person session with me in the middle)
  6. It’s super cost effective (we’ll get to that below!)
  7. It’s awesome!

Your 4-week class includes:

  • Daily (weekdays only!) emails with information and assignments that you can do in just 5-20 minutes a day to create financial clarity
  • Weekly group support calls with Briana Cavanaugh to help you through your questions and emotions
  • Accountability buddy matching for one to one support
  • Private FaceBook group for our community love-each-other-up!

It’s really that simple and straightforward.

This is not a complicated class with a lot of bells and whistles. This is a “get right to the heart of it,” no BS kind of experience. Held with love. This is space to hold our hearts and out pocketbooks and move forward so that we can make money less charged and more actionable.

Times and Dates!

All four class sessions will be recorded for those who can’t make it live.

The live sessions will be held on the phone on the following dates and time (all Pacific time, PST):

Call One: Tuesday 2/7/17 1pm PST (60 minutes)
Call Two: Tuesday 2/14/17 1pm PST (60 minutes)
Call Three: Tuesday 2/21/17 at 1pm PST (60-90 minutes)
Call Four: Tuesday 2/28/17 at 1pm PST (60 minutes)


If you get in early, you’ll also get a super special bonus call on 1/31/17 at 1pm! This is a special prep session to make sure you’re totally ready and have everything you need to know it out of the park!

Plus, You’ll Get These Bonuses When You Sign Up!

Bonus #1 – 2017 Bliss Your Biz Planning Day – 2/6/17 10am-5pm PST (Value $1,597)

This day long workshop rocks your planning for 2017.  We’re using the story of Cerridwyn’s cauldron and the idea of “the long spell” to dive into being the empowered goddess that we all want to be! We’ll take our vision and break it down into do-able, actionable steps. This is one of my client’s favorite classes.

I walk you through how I plan my year including tools for:  

  • Planning my days, weeks, months and quarters. 
  • How I stay on track and make my goals and dreams!
  • Pleasure multiplier – how to go from lackluster self care to Pleasure Goddess!

And you’ll get the recordings (video AND audio) and worksheets so that you can do it all at home!

Bonus #2- Rock Your Results – Bonus Call – Tuesday 1/31/17 1pm (60 Minutes)

This call is all about rocking your results making sure it’s effective. It’s more time all of us together! In this call we’ll talk about getting more support and how you actually can make this money stuff work long term. Most people take a class and if they do it or IF they finish it, they often never do anything again. Let’s make sure this time it really is different. This call will be available for download in the portal.

Bonus #3 – “When Things Come Up” Cheat Sheet (Value $97)

NEW! REVISED You get my favorite recipe for a scrub that will get your energy moving and more tools to help you when the emotions run high! These are tools (a PDF and recorded content) to help you through the emotions that can come up when you’re in this process. Because money is as much about how you feel as what you do and if you have big unprocessed or unresolved feelings, it can feel impossible to get actually get anything done.


Join us for Financial Clarity Now!

at the renewal price of only $97!
Click the button below to register now!



Can I get recordings of the in person workshop if I can’t come?

If you’re saying “Oh no I live in Kansas or France or Kansas, France and I can’t come to Oakland that day (or ever!)” – Don’t worry! We’ll have recordings so that you can listen to the entire workshop later.

When you register today, you’ll get a free ticket and, if you want it,  a hug. But you’ll have also have access to the content, so no worries! I’ll save your  hug for when we meet another time.

What happens if I miss or can’t make a call?

Well, for starters, I’ll miss you! But! Every call will be recorded and you’ll find them all in the client portal. So if you can’t make a call, you’ll still get value from hearing other people’s questions. (I have gone back to other calls I’ve been on even years after to get value from them.)  So don’t worry about missing one. 

My Super-Simple Guarantee

If you do the work and you’re not more clear about your money after you do the exercises, let us know and we’ll give you a full refund – and we’ll still be friends. 🙂

I hope you’ll join us for class!

Financial Bliss Blessings,



PS – Remember, this is the lowest price available for Financial Clarity Now! – so if you want to join us for this new year’s session (before the price goes up), get in now!


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