Fastest Path to Cash

Written by Briana Cavanaugh

March 31, 2015

Money slipping through your fingers?

Money slipping through your fingers?

Do you want to know the absolute easiest way to have more money in your pocket every month?

In dealing with money, there’s two sides: top line and bottom line.

Bottom line is about expenses and top line is income – just like in a Profit and Loss Report. (If that doesn’t make sense don’t worry, you don’t have to understand that bit for the next bit to work.)

I mostly focus working with entrepreneurs on the “top line” because there’s so much possibility with independent folks – literally limitless. And it’s the place that most money folks DON’T focus for some reason.

As far as I can tell that’s because most folks live in scarcity and it’s easy to think about cutting. So I’ll leave income and deep “cuts” for another time. Let’s really go for the easy stuff!

What I wanted to say to you is, “Stop giving away money unnecessarily!”

Right now I want you to go through all your auto-deductions and look at them. Then ask yourself: Is there anything I’m not using?

Notice I didn’t say, “Is there anything you don’t want to be using?” The easiest cut is the one you’re already not doing. If you haven’t used NetFlix in a couple of months, cut it. That bank account that’s drawing cash but you never use? Gone. The Audible subscription that has 12 credits (not counting the 15 books you haven’t listened to)? Bye-bye!

You can always start them again when you’re ready. Not to worry.

Do it now.

Yes, right now. Banks help lines are open 24-hours and the internet is forever.

So go for it.

Then I want you to take the amount of money you’re not spending and multiple it by the number of months left in the year. That’s how much you’ve just saved yourself. NetFlix at $21 a month? 9 x $21 = $189. Holy crap.

I’ve literally seen people reclaiming thousands of dollars a year doing just this one thing.

As a bonus step: you know those savings you want to increase? Put this money there. Set it on auto for the same date as your previous auto deduct. You’ll never miss it.

And let me know how it goes!

Financial Bliss Blessings,


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