Falling Down: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Implementation

Written by Briana Cavanaugh

October 26, 2008

In working with clients I get to see their biggest successes and most difficult challenges of their relationship with money.

The big successes in the coaching process with most of my clients, especially the entrepreneurs? Vision. They know what they want. That’s a big part of why they went into business for themselves: they can see the possibilities. And once they identify those possibilities, they start to see them in their lives. That’s exciting!
The hardest thing? Implementation. The every day follow up on that big dream.  And that shows up in coaching. Some clients get to the goal setting stage and then say to me, “Wow, thanks for the help, I’ll take it from here.” And they take a break, give up, go out on their own and try to do it all alone.
The vast majority of the time, when I check back in with them in a month or two or six they are in the same place that they were in before they took a break or before they came to coaching at all. I hear frustration and overwhelm, blame and sometimes anger.
And the truth is, it is the every day, day-to-day, get up and go to work that’s the hard part. The following up on that vision, keeping it in your sights and staying focusing on what you really want is taxing and time consuming. It’s not all roses.  
So what to do?
The first thing to do is notice what’s going on.  If we don’t acknowledge that there’s an issue or a block, it’s nearly impossible to change it.  So notice, right now – are you having a difficult time getting what you really want? 
Then as yourself: Are you ready to commit or re-commit to that vision?
If you are, look for support. Coaching helps (that’s why I do what I do – it’s what I think is needed). Groups like masterminding groups or issue-specific peer groups or group coaching help. Having a money buddy to check in with consistently helps. The basic idea here is to get support to help you be accountable to your vision.
Here are some things you can do with that vision that will help keep you on track that you can do on you own:
* Frame your vision positively.
* Make sure to include not just your vision, but what you’re willing to do to get it.
* Make sure that what you’re going to do to get it is something that you’ll enjoy and is related to your purpose.
* Write it down and post it in a place you’ll see it.
* Read you vision to your self twice at day – once in the morning and once in the evening.
* Imagine yourself in your vision, getting what you want and doing what you say you’re going to do for five minutes every day.
As always, if you try something I’ve written about or have an additional idea, please post a comment or email me and let me know!


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