That there were more millionaires were made during the depression than any other time in history?

That’s what I hear.

After doing a bunch of reading what I’m learning is that people who keep up their financial education and use their liquid capital to invest in things that develop during this time people make a lot of money. In part that’s because many people are freaking out and pull out of their investments, get out of their homes and use the model of fear being generated in the economy to drive them.

There are always people who make money during any economic downturn, after all the unemployment rate rises to 12 or 20% that still sees more than 80% of people in jobs. And while it sucks to lose your job, many people do not. Many people are just fine. And in fact in the US most of us are more wealthy than 95% of people around the world.

And in fact I can see it. In this economy I’m bringing in clients. They are coming to me. I have a commitment to do my best for clients, consistently learning and growing. And I’m not giving up. I’m not watching CNN (Constantly Negative News) and I’m not reading the newspaper and I’m not letting fear run me.

I am:
I am learning more: going to seminars, getting further education in my trade and connecting further into my professional networks.
I am listening to people who are highly profitable and learning what they are doing.
I am meditating and taking good care of myself.
I am not letting the voices that come up of fear, defeat and hardship run me. Instead I tell them no and decide what my possibilities are.

Instead of worrying about money and listening to that negative story, take a moment right now and ask yourself: what are the possibilities? How could I be even more kind to myself and even more loving? What is possible for me right now? And take one action RIGHT NOW towards being the person you really want to be or having the business that really inspires you and your community. That will show your story that you mean business and that things are changing – right now.