Creating success

Written by Briana Cavanaugh

September 1, 2015

Wow. I’m booked out for speaking gigs through March of 2016. this is the longest I’ve been booked in advance. That’s 7 months.
That’s a long time. That’s like a commitment and stuff.
(That’s code for I’m being surprised at my own success.)
I started second quarter this year with a goal of “speaking a few times in the next year to get some more exposure.” I was curious about speaking but didn’t have any attachments to doing it.
Then I did a couple of gigs and had a blast! I love teaching and training and have a great time doing it! I love people! I love that I can share with them stuff that really helps them and makes a difference in their lives! So that goal quickly changed to “Speaking once a month through the end of the year.” Now I’m booked out months and months in advance.
A couple of things about that: one, my assistant April the Amazing, is the one doing the booking. If I had to do it all myself, it wouldn’t get done, for sure.
Second, the events are a lot of fun!
Turns out it’s loads of fun and it’s totally on point for both supporting people’s dreams and my own. And I seem to have no resistance to it. (Unlike, say, email marketing which might as well kiss my … never mind. I mean I wrote this, didn’t I?)
I work with people every day who have resistance around something: money, love, success, freedom, security and more. And that resistance means that they put excuses, reasons, delays and upset between them and their goal.
It’s rare that I see success come so easily. But when it does, it often comes just like this: with curiosity, fun, and mutual benefit – with no attachment to outcome. Consider that the next time you’re making a goal or trying to “get to the next level.”
What would really be both fun and a win-win?
To your success!


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