How to Make Spending as Joy Filled as Cherry Pie

Written by Briana Cavanaugh

June 22, 2017

If there were just one lesson I really want to teach you about doling-out your hard earned cash? Spending money shouldn’t put you in a state of lack, in fact, spending money should make you feel good. Yep. There. I said it. Swiping your debit card at the grocery store or buying an extra box of Girl Scout Cookies from your neighbor shouldn’t bring you to a state of panic but instead bring a smile to your face + joy in your heart.

To help, I’ve put together a few tips I love.

1. There Is No “Have To”

You never “have to” spend money. Period. Every time you spend money, you’re making a conscious decision to– and if you don’t want to spend the cash? Don’t spend it.

Your mortgage? Your decision. Your car payment? Your decision. That charitable donation? Your decision.

And once you make that choice, the invitation is to feel grateful that you’re in a position where you’re blessed enough to know that money is an ever-flowing resource and there’s always more of it to be made.

2. Give With Heart!

Choose a way to spend a little money each month that comes straight from the heart by giving to something that makes the world a better place. This is not the typical “give, give give” approach.

Think about what you’re passionate about — maybe it’s to leave a great waiter a very generous tip at dinner, donate to a cause you want to champion, or buy a needy family Christmas gifts when the holiday season rolls around. I love to make it fun and do a little research some months: What would delight me to give my energy to? What are causes I haven’t heard about that align with my beliefs? How can I get creative with my kindness mission this month? You can even assign a theme to each month.

I highly recommend pleasure: what would give you the greatest pleasure to give? When you give with joy and pleasure, the money you give really gives back to you and fills you up. And that’s what we’re all longing for in any interaction.

3. Focus on Experiences

When you put your money towards experiences that fulfill you rather than impulse buys, you’re less likely to have buyer’s remorse later on.

How do you look back on your last vacation? With fondness of the sunshine hitting you just right as you walked the beach with your family? Do you smile when you think of the laughs your friends shared that last night on the hotel balcony? Or get butterflies when you think of the helicopter you did over the volcano?

Now think back to the last material purchase you made: Did it bring you the same joy?

Put these ideas into action!

Exercise: I’d love to know, when’s the last time you felt joy when spending money?


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  1. Elizabeth G Fry

    I flew to San Francisco to visit some people I wanted to connect with more, and it brought me so much joy!!

  2. Laura Gray

    This week, buying a new wardrobe because my health finally allows me to get dressed and leave the house.


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