Green banking resources for good

Green banking resources for good

When you put your money into a savings account, the bank invests it so that they can pay you interest. But what does it invest in? How can I be sure my money is being used in alignment with my values rather than to run oil pipelines across native lands? We’re never...

Values-Based Accounting: Part Two – Determining Your Values

A value must meet seven criteria: It must be prized and cherished It must be chosen from among alternatives It must be chosen freely, without coercion It must be chosen after thoughtful consideration of the consequences of each alternative, not impulsively, and after...

What’s your game?

A few months ago in working with a client on the edge of giving up her consultancy, she said to me, “But I don’t see you making a million dollars. How do I know I’ll be successful?”I laughed – she thought my game was “make a million...


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