Are you really a contractor?

There’s a set of questions that I get frequently: Am I/Is this person a contractor or an employee? (Or some version of, “do I have to pay payroll taxes for…”) The IRS has information about this here. It has all kinds of information and audio...

The Economics of Enough

I’ve been watching some RSA (Royal Society of the Arts) videos on various topics because they are pretty amazing. This one is about the economics of enough. I don’t agree with all of it, but that’s part of what makes it so interesting. As far as I...

Refusing to Lie

Sometimes it seems that everyone is lying on their taxes or trying to cheat the government in some way. What if it wasn’t so? Reuse to Lie is a website where legally married gay couples get get advice on filing their tax returns as married. Using the tax filing...

Money and Games

Hey, take a look at at this blog post by my friend Heather Logas where she compares issues with money with things that come up in games. Working in alignment with our values is a critical component of my work with and it’s exciting to watch others translate that...

Concentration of Wealth

“The top 1% took in 23.5% of all of the country’s income in 2007. In 1979 they only took in 8.9%.” It’s an interesting thing, the concentration of wealth. More money in the hands of less people. But my question today: What’s your reaction...

Preventing Identity Theft

There’s a lot of concern and information about identity theft out there. So how do you protect yourself? The following useful article comes from one of the professional orgnizations that I belong to the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers....


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