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Hi!   I hope you’re having a fabulous January!   I took a break over the holidays because I got that terrible flu and then got strep throat. So I was out for the better part of nearly 5 weeks!   But I’m getting back in the groove and I...

The Very Core of Money Work

Today I talked to a client who’s been having what, in OrgasmLand, we call climax. Meaning he’s been having all kinds of stuff “happening to him.” Some of it has been great, some has been terrible. He fell in love, he fell out of love, he got a job, he decided to move,...

Creating a Budget That Doesn’t Feel Like Spanx

  Budgeting. Part II: Turn Tracking Into Data   This is part 2 of a 3 part series. The first part is about tracking your money Make sure you grab that one before you do this one!   Why is it that so often when people...


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