Beat the tax season blues!

Beat the tax season blues!

How was tax season? Did you do a ton of work to file your taxes on time, but you ended up with a bigger tax bill or smaller tax refund than you were counting on? That’s such a bummer! Is it like this every year — or even every quarter if you’re filing quarterly?...

Are You Mad At Money?

Many people are. Like, stomping feet on the floor, banging the steering wheel, knots in their stomach mad. But the truth? It doesn’t serve you. Being angry with money causes the negative energy to stay within’ you…it actually gives it power. To remove energy and...

Love. Joy. Money and Gifts!

I’ve been diving deeply into the process of my own heart and what it takes to tell the truth and keep telling the truth while opening to joy.Recently I’ve been listening to the Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer on Audible. It’s full of courage, deep...


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