Prosperity Habit #3: Track Your Money

Do you want to do one thing that will change your financial success more than anything else? Track your money. When you become intimate with your numbers, you’ll be able to plan and make projections and generally manipulate your money. This is the dream of every...

Values-Based Accounting: Part Two – Determining Your Values

A value must meet seven criteria: It must be prized and cherished It must be chosen from among alternatives It must be chosen freely, without coercion It must be chosen after thoughtful consideration of the consequences of each alternative, not impulsively, and after...

Tax deadline approaching – 10/15!

If you run a corporation you might just now that the extended deadline for filing taxes just passed on 9/15. But the deadline for filing personal taxes is also upon us. If you filed an extension back in April, Friday’s the day to get those puppies in the mail....


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