Budget 101: A Series

Written by Briana Cavanaugh

August 31, 2017

I’ve had this on my heart for a while, and feel like it’s finally time to step-up to the plate and get it out and to the masses (AKA: my awesome readers. AKA: YOU!)


It’s time to unveil my Budgeting 101 series.


This baby will be a 3-part series diving into how you can create a budget plan that works for you– whether you’re a budgeting novice or finance extraordinaire. It’s going to be chock full of useful information and actionable tips that you can start using right away! And that’s life changing.


Today, we’ll be diving into apps you can use to help you gain your footing and discover where it is you’re spending. You’ll want to download one of these ASAP so that in the next couple of weeks we can easily move onto our next steps of your ultimate budget planning, which will then be creating a budget that works for you and choosing a budgeting style.


Let’s get right to it.


  1. Mint

Mint is easy to use, has a simple interface and is many people’s top choice of budgeting apps. You simply connect your bank account and credit cards + it categorizes your spending– so that you don’t have to.


  1. PocketGuard

Similar to Mint, you connect your various financial accounts and it categorizes your spending for you. What I personally love about PocketGuard though is the simple homepage of the app where it tells you upfront your net income, net worth and how much money you have in your pocket.


  1. Goodbudget

If you’re familiar with the popular budgeting “envelope system,” this might be the best app for you! Using the tried and true method it sorts everything digitally so the days of paper envelopes in your office drawer can be gone. It’s also nice because it makes it easy to sync your account with someone else (like your significant other) to see who is spending what and where.


Tell me, what are your biggest budget struggles?


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  1. Susan

    What’s the best way to get back on track with balancing my checking account?

  2. Leslie Reed Soggs

    I hafta create a budget for uhhh the first time. I’ll be in England and don’t know my expenses yet. Also, I need to create a repayment plan for money I’ve borrowed.


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