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Share Your Story Of Business Bliss on my Podcast!

Are you a woman who has integrated pleasure into your business?

Do you want to share the joy of business bliss with the world? Are you willing to get raw and real and juicy in an interview for the world ot hear??

If so, we’d love to have you be a guest on our podcast: Bliss Your Biz!

Fill out the form below and if you’re a good fit, we’ll be in touch about next steps! Meanwhile we’ll add to our email list so that you can get a clear sense about what we’re up to and you can get a taste of how we love our people up!

Things to know about being on Bliss Your Biz Podcast: 

1. In order to be on the podcast you commit to co-promoting the podcast and spceficially your episode via an email to you list and at least 2 sets of social media posts.

2. You’ll also need to send a media kit and/or headshot for us to use for promoting your episode!

Looking forward to hearing all about your bliss!


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