Are you ready for 2017?

Written by Briana Cavanaugh

December 1, 2016

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Are you ready to rock 2017?

Have you ever gotten to the end of a project and just nailed it?  You had a fabulous plan, you got your team behind you and you made every single milestone and knocked it out of the park? Maybe you made your income goal for the first time, or you filled a class or you got that first client.

Do you remember that feeling of success? I want you to have that all the time in your work! All the time. Every time you review your projects or go to set new goals, I want you to have the grounded confidence that you can really do this thing!

What I know is that it takes an aligned plan with lots of clarity to get you there. You’ve got to know exactly where you’re going and what you need to get there so that you can back out those goals and milestones and have a legit plan that has you rock out your year.

But…So many of the entrepreneurs I talked to recently don’t have a plan.

They have an idea, they have a desire, they have a longing. But most of them don’t have a plan to reach your goals for the 30-60-90 days no less a year or two of five or 10 year plan. Did you know that 92% of folks don’t make their goals?

Do you want to be one of the ones that hit their goals and totally rock it? You can totally do it.  It’s really hard to do alone, I know. And it’s often just hard to see all the pieces and get (and stay) motivated to finish it. So let’s do it together. And let’s do it in a way that really gets you there!

I would love to help you do rock a 2017 plan. It’s one of my passions to help entrepreneurs get their plan on!

Why a plan?

A plan means no more wondering what you should do today or not being able to reach your goals because you feel so scattered all the time and going in a million directions at once. A plan helps you sort through all those ideas that you have that have you want to change directions all the time. A plan and a regularly planning process has you know what you need every day so that you spend your days en pointe, not working it out.

I figured out early on that I needed to plan consistently, and sought out all the tools for clarity, for goal setting and for deconstructing those tools to get me where I need to go and I want to make sure that you have them.

It’s almost the end of the year and I noticed myself gearing up for my next, working with my team on my upcoming launches, confirming speaking engagements, planning retreats and vacations – because I have a plan.  I credit reaching my goals and heading towards multiple six figure income to having a plan, having accountability, and having those goals be so aligned with my passion that they are necessary for my success. (That and upping my pleasure game in a big way! And we’ll talk about that too!)

Would you like to have a plan that is so aligned that reaching your goals become forgone conclusion? I do. I love it!

I want that for you.

If you’re ready for a plan for 2017 that is in alignment with your heart and your vision (and especially your turn on), I’ve got something for you. I’m doing a half day (Virtual) Bliss Your Biz Planning Retreat for 2017. This is one of those cool things my private clients get as a bonus for playing so big with me and after this week’s conversations, I realized that more people need it too! Maybe you? Maybe someone you know?

This is going to be a deep dive into creating the clarity you’ve been seeking to have your next year be completely aligned with your vision and heart. There’s some really cool stuff in there. And we’re going to do it by weaving in a spell of work with Cerridwen’s cauldron and the long spell.  

In order to really get all the way through a year’s worth of work we need support, we need long term vision, we need consistency and support. And we need to learn our lessons when we fail, and get back on track. For that we need not just a plan, but staying power.

What you’ll leave with is…

  • A witchy inspire and grounded Action Plan for 2017 
  • Worksheets, templates, and spreadsheets that I use to take with you so that you can plan weekly and monthly throughout the year
  • The steps to put that plan into sustained action throughout the upcoming year!
  • Access to a community of other folks that are going for it!

It’s really pretty straight forward. I’m not adding a lot of bells and whistles that you won’t use. I’m not padding it full of more stuff than you can digest. Just you, me and our community, loving each other up into a goddess-inspired plan that is both witchy and magical as well as grounded in forward momentum and action.

Typically a VIP day with me to do this one on one is $3500 (people actually pay this, no exaggeration). But I’m running this for my private clients and we want you in our community. You’ll get to play with us for one day and see how you like being loved up with rockstars!

I would love to have you join us!

Just in!

For folks that want this, but can’t attend live:

In addition to the day, you’ll ALSO get:

  • Access to all the worksheets and content from the day
  • Recorded video from the live sessions to download
  • And bonus content including a guide to “How to Get the Most Out of Each Day” with daily and weekly processes to actually implement and make your plan happen every day, all year!

If you really knew me, you’d know how much I love planning, writing plans, planning methods, planning exploration… I just love it! And I’ll help you love it too. So come to the (Virtual) Bliss Your Biz Planning Retreat for 2017! Come in your bathrobe with your hot chocolate, from your bedroom and let’s get a business plan rocking for you.

It’s happening 12/19/16 from 11am-5pm (online – I’ll send you deets once you register)!

Come to the (Virtual) Bliss Your Biz Planning Retreat for 2017!

Today through Monday, December 5th, at 5pm this workshop is a steal at only $67. It goes up to $97 after that!

Register Now!


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