100 Days to Profitability

How to Get and Stay Profitable Forever (or at least until you hit $250 million in revenue)

D oes your income go up and down like a yo-yo and you’re not sure how to even it out? Do you keep intending to put money away at the end of the month, every month, but there’s nothing left over?
Are you living check to check (or payment to payment) always squeezing by with “just enough?” Do your bills get paid inconsistently and so you’re worried about money and cash flow?

I know that you’re someone who mostly has their stuff together in so many places in your life, but for some reason can’t seem to get it together about money. It’s been the source of some shame or embarrassment and you just haven’t been sure what to do about it. You’re likely someone who does personal growth work – you’re a pretty conscious human. But money stuff is hard.

We have a class for people (and by people, we mean primarily service providing business owners) who are ready to take the next step into: Profitability

I’ve been working with the premier profitability system in the world: Profit First by Mike Michaelawicz and being trained by that guy. THE guy who literally wrote the book on profitability and I worked together to perfect this class offering. This is my mindset work and his profitability work that I use with my private financial coaching clients (who pay more than $12000 a year to do this) and simplified it into pieces that you can implement at home for a fraction of that.

This is the next step of helping you be amazingly, consistently clear about your money and how you’re handling it.

How to Get Profitable and Stay There!

So that you can take your mind off your money and put it on your business and life.

I know that you want security and ease with your money. You want money to be easy. You want to be able to pay your bills every month, on time and easily. You’ve been learning to track your money (or you’re really ready to do that consistently).

You want to be profitable, know that your profitable, have your emergency fund, savings, retirement and profit account. You want to be able to take profit disbursements and have money for that rainy day AND that dream vacation. (Maybe you didn’t even know you could take profit disbursements until just now, but it sounds pretty great, right?)

  • Do you know that you are not saving enough—but you’re not sure where to start?
  • Are you living check to check, afraid that you won’t be able to pay the bills or your assistant if something unexpected happens?
  • Do you want to make sure those taxes get paid and there’s enough left over to pay off that debt?
  • Or do you just want to be able to choose where your money goes each month (instead of wondering how your bank account gets so low so quickly)?

The good news is this:


(and it can be so, so easy)

You’re making decent money. But you seem to come up short on a regular basis.

  • You may find yourself having to make choices between simple things, like buying gas versus groceries— because you don’t have enough in your account to do both.
  • Maybe you’ve been avoiding your bills because you’re not sure how much you actually owe—and you’re not sure if you’re going to be able to pay them.
  • And if an emergency comes up, like your car breaks down or you need a trip to the doctor, you’ll be really hard pressed to come up with an extra $500 to pay for it.

The good news is: Its all very doable.
Someone just needs to teach you how.

The idea of being really profitable is something that all business owners dream of – and it’s all over in our entrepreneurial culture. We got into business to make money after all! But there’s a huge missing piece: the how part of “how to get profitable.” I’ve got that part.

Business owners really want – and need – to get their minds off of money and on to their specialty, the work they want to do in the world. But that means that the money needs to be handled. Like rock solid nailed down kind of handled. The kind of handled where you know exactly what’s happening and you have more than enough cash so that someone else is handling it and still you know exactly what’s happening! The kind of handled where you go for days without worrying or thinking about money. That kind of handled.

That’s what I wanted too. So I made it happened.

Why You Should Listen to Me

Hi! I’m Briana Cavanaugh, the Financial Bliss Mentor. I’m also an accountant and financial consultant for businesses for that last 10+ years. I’ve been studying money, accounting. budgeting, spreadsheets and profitability, for more than a decade since I was laid off at my tech job, and found myself inexplicable having spent down the savings, 401k, and unemployment. I found a way out of the financial trap. I found a way out of the financial feast or famine cycle. And I want to share it with you.

You might already know my story and that I was a tech worker and got laid off and had to find a way to make life as a solo parent work because there was no back up. It’s just me and my son.

So while scrambling to find a job I spent every penny I had, even trying to go back to school and landed on welfare. It took time and a lot of work, but I turned that around and now I’m a 6 figure entrepreneur. I did it by getting clear about my money, my money stories and then learning everything I could about every aspect of money from personal budgeting to state spending to how money, credit and accounting work.

It’s become my life’s work to help other entrepreneurs dive into money and make things better. To go from chaos to bliss!

Why profitability hasn’t happened for you already (and how to change that)

The thing is, this stuff just is not taught in school anywhere – not even business school. So please don’t feel bad that you don’t know or haven’t heard what I’m teaching. This formula is actually the opposite of what they teach MBAs which is why it’s not been widely circulated – before now. (Seriously have you read about accounting and QuickBooks? That stuff might as well be written in secret language!)

This methodology came out of years of being an accountant and looking at hundreds of businesses – some profitable and lots that aren’t, and searching and searching for a solution that would help clients across the board get profitable.

You see accounting is a process that give you information about what’s happened in the past with your numbers. And projections might be able to tell us what helpfully will happen in the future. But none of that give us standards for profitability. Once I realized this I looked high and low to figure out how I could help my clients get profitable, some formula, some way, something consistent beyond “make more than you spend.”

I mean make more than you spend is a good idea! But it’s NOT the basis for a profitability plan.

Then I found Profit First. And thus started my love affair with Mike Michalewicz (but don’t tell him, he’s married!). I read everything and worked with him and his team to implement this system dozens of times and work with other folks who’ve also implemented this dozens of time. But Profit First by itself is a book. It has a system in it, but clients find it hard to implement because it’s for accountants, not for the lay biz owner.

And that’s a problem.

How the course is different – and doable

I took the profitability pieces (with Mike’s permission of course) and ran through them a bunch with of clients to figure out what’s missing/left out. Then I made worksheets and checklists for every step and every process so that you know exactly when and how to do each piece.

No wondering, no questions, no confusion. no worry. No formulas to make, no weird math symbols to try to figure out. Just take my materials and use them. Wash, rinse repeat every quater.

And that’s great but I still saw some resistance in clients.

So I added the community to help you get accountable and take action. Better.

Then I added mindset support to make sure that you don’t completely freak out or let you money stuff get in the way when trying to implement this. (And if you want us to implement it for you, let me know – we have an option for that.)

Yeah, now we’re talking.

Then I put it together so that we can walk through it a piece at a time and you can get the whole thing implemented in a little over 1 quarter (it’s a quarterly system so it takes at least that long) rather than at least a year it normally takes to change your financial habits.

That’s bad ass. And that what I want: for you to leave this class feeling like you’re a badass (or a rockstar!) about your finances!

What happens when I get to the end?

Once you’re through the process you’ll have confidence to know whether you’re profitable or not and be able to get and stay profitable in your business in perpetuity (seriously for ever) because these standards don’t change. Ok so we’re not sure what happens above $250 million. But call me when you get there and let’s talk!)

Not only that but you’ll be able to put the financial part of your business on autopilot to success. Once that happens you can focus on your passion and on your dreams rather than worrying about money all the time.

Boom! Money, handled!

Lack of profitability is a missing piece that keeps business owners from feeling like they really have their act together. A lot of business owners worry about money – every day. And that’s time and precious energy of yours lost to worry that you could be doing amazing things with. I want that to end for you and business owners around the world.

I mean you know you’re stuff – you’re a master of your craft (or darn near!) and you really want your business to be successful so that you can help all the people you want to help and have that big impact. But you worry about money so much and so often that some days it’s hard to focus on anything else. You feel isolated and hopeless about being able to solve money.

You can end the financial feast or famine cycle. You just have to know how. And that’s the bummer part is that until now, no one has taught you how. They seem to imply there’s some mystic formula, but no one tells you what it is.

Right now your cash flow goes up and down, possibly dramatically. And that exhausts you. You spend your time chasing money instead of living into your passion. You’re in the financial feast or famine cycle.

Maybe you’ve tried other programs around money – and maybe they haven’t worked or had limited success. Frequently I find folks doing work that is around mindset without practical steps that you can take to get profitable. This program solves that by giving practical steps to take to look directly at your money, a system for understanding it, the tools you need to make the change and evaluate your progress and continue to make change long after the program is over with.

Ok, so whats in 100 Days to Profitability?

It’s an online course that teaches you how to get profitable and stay there. It’s a 3.5 month course that walks you step by step through implementing Profit First (and more) from start to finish with tons of support so that you actually get it done.

It comes with all the worksheets and spreadsheets that you need to implement Profit First with ease and grace. No worry, no fuss, no muss.

Week 1: Identifying the Right Formula

We’ll talk about what the formula is for getting profitable, why it works and why the traditional formula doesn’t.

We’ll also dive into your approach to money and I’ll give the map to an easier way.

How to get accountable to your results right now.

Week 2: Profit First Principles

We’ll take a dive into the major principles of Profit First including;

  1. What small plates are and why to use them
  2. Why you should eat your veggies first
  3. How to removing temptation to cheat
Week 3: Setting up the Small Plates

The 5 accounts and 5 numbers

Re-jigger your Chart of Accounts for the 5 numbers for Profitability

The rhythm you need to establish for success with money (and the worksheets to make sure you do it right every time!)

Week 4: Determine your Percentages for Profitability

What percentages go where? Assessing profitability short and long term

What numbers to use and how often and when to review profitability (This module sounds boring, but at the end you’ll know exactly how long it will take you to be completely profitable!)

Week 5: Veggies First

Allocating to the plates before spending

Small fixes and how to reduce expenses

Week 6: Remove Temptation and Get Your Taxes Paid With Ease!

Behavioral finance or why it’s been hard to be profitable and how to make it easier

A focus on the 2 Most overlooked numbers: Taxes and Profit (don’t worry this won’t hurt!)

Week 7: Live Case studies on real live people!

We’ll be using actual folks from the class to make sure you understand how the principles are actually applied. This could be you! Once you’re in class, we’ll send around a sign up and you can apply to be one of our case studies. You don’t have to be perfect! These are works in progress that I use my magic on and make sure you’re totally up to speed!

Week 8: How to Get Paid Regularly and still pay your vendors

This week: Owner’s Pay – making sure you get paid on time, every time

Operating Expenses – do I need to make big cuts to get paid?

Income – How much you really need

Week 9: The Rhythm Method of Accounting (Just kidding) The 10/25 rhythm and how to get there

How you can use chocolate and candles to help you save money and pay taxes (not kidding)

Week 10: Making sure you’re on track year round

How you’re going to be able to keep doing this long term and what to do when you get of track

Exceptions to the rules and dealing with weird things that happen, like every day life

Week 11: Destroying Debt while Still Having Profit

If you have debt (and most of us do) how to deal with debt in the system, still pay your bills, taxes and take a profit

Week 12: Live Case studies on real live people! Part Two

By this point if you haven’t gotten support, you’ll want it. We’ll again be using actual folks from the class to make sure you understand how the principles are actually applied. This could be you! Once you’re in class, we’ll send around a sign up and you can apply to be one of our case studies. You don’t have to be perfect! These are works in progress that I use my magic on and make sure you’re totally up to speed!

Week 12: Projections and budgets

How do I know how much money I’m going to make/spend?

What projections are (and aren’t) and how to do them (totally de-mystified, no accounting degree required)

Week 13: Reverse engineering success!

Goal setting for profitability (how to up your income)

Getting accountability and support outside of the class

How to make sure implementation actually happens no matter how far you got in class.

Times and Dates!

All four class sessions will be recorded for those who can’t make it live

The live sessions will be held on the phone on the following dates and time (all Pacific time, PST):

Call One: Tuesday 9/20/16 1:00pm PST (90 minutes)
Call Two: Tuesday 9/27/16 1:00pm PST (90 minutes)
Call Three: Tuesday 10/4/16 at 1:00pm PST (90 minutes)
Call Four: Tuesday 10/11/16 at 1:00pm PST (90 minutes)
Call Five: Tuesday 10/18/16 at 1:00pm PST (90 minutes)
Call Six: Tuesday 10/25/16 at 1:00pm PST (90 minutes)
Call Seven: Tuesday 11/1/16 at 1pm PST (90 minutes)
Call Eight: Tuesday 11/8/16 at 1pm PST (90 minutes)
Call Nine: Tuesday 11/15/16 at 1pm PST (90 minutes)
Call Ten: Tuesday 11/22/16 at 1pm PST (90 minutes)
Call Eleven: Tuesday 11/29/16 at 1pm PST (90 minutes)
Call Twelve: Tuesday 12/6/16 at 1pm PST (90 minutes)
Call Thirteen: Tuesday 12/13/16 at 1pm PST (90 minutes)

That’s a lot of stuff!

But even if you don’t implement every piece of every thing that I give you, even if you just do the bonuses and show up on a few of the calls you’ll get tools that you can use right now to make more money and worry less.

Even if you make say, 10% more, by keeping more of what you earn and being able to pay yourself regularly, that would make a big difference, would it?

You don’t want it to be super complicated and overwhelming. So I made it bite sized in 13 modules with 2 flexible modules to dive deeper into any pieces that you and your classmates need the most help on.

First Time Class – Low Introductory Price

I’m limiting this class to 18 so it’s gonna sell out!

REMEMBER: This is the first time I’m running this class so this is the lowest price this is ever going to be!

I hope you’ll join us for 100 Days to Profitability! with the bonuses at the price of only $1997!

Register now before this class disappears!

Get 3 Bonuses When You Sign Up Now!

Bonus #1- Money Mastery Day Long Virtual Retreat – 10/17/16

Take your money mindset to the next level!

Spend the day with me implementing our work and upping our game around money mindset. Let’s make sure that you’re getting things done that you need to get done and having the support to do them.

You’ll be working from wherever you are, no travel required!

I’ll be virtually by your side with tools, worksheets, and support to bust through the blocks you’ve been encountering and get you moving! It’s gonna be awesome!

(The Value of the Day Long Virtual Retreat – $1500)

Bonus #2 – “When Things Come Up” Cheat Sheet

You’ll get tools (a pdf and recorded content) to help you through the emotions that can up come up when you’re in this process. Because money is as much about how you feel as what you do… and if you have big unprocessed or unresolved feelings, it can feel impossible to get anything actually done.

Bonus #3 – Super Awesome Snazzy Pants “Jumpstart Class” and bonus call

This Jumpstart Class is to get you rockin’ and rollin’. It will get you completely set up and ready to go so that you can successfully complete the profitability with nothing in your way! (One of the reasons folks often don’t get into or complete a class is that they’re missing some pieces about how to be successful. I’m all about making sure you have what you need to make it go!) The call will help you:

  • Get you set up for success
  • Create clarity about what in your money history is holding you back
  • Solutions on how to move past it.

FAQ (aka Questions People Have Asked Me)

Who is this class best suited for?

I wrote this for entrepreneurs, especially women, who have confusion, upset and overwhelmed about their money.

The includes:

  • Coaches
  • Holistic Practitioners
  • Creative Folks and Artists
  • Wellness Practitioners
  • Priestess and Shaman
  • Authors
  • Speakers
  • Therapists
  • Hypnotherapists
  • Chiropractors and Naturopaths
  • Alternative Biz Owners
  • Folks who work around sexuality
  • Trainers, Teachers and Workshop Leaders
  • Service Providers of all sorts!

The truth is that I think this will work to get most service business owners on a path to financial clarity. It’s not so great for manufacturing or folks that focus on or only sell things, especially stuff they make them, primarily because we don’t go into costing (that’s really it’s own whole class). But if you know that and you’re cool with that, you’re welcome!

It’s not aimed at individuals or families. If you want to get more clear about money, you’re better off taking Financial Clarity Now when it comes back (and sign up on the front page to get notified of when that will happen again.)

What happens if I miss or can’t make a call?

Well, for starters, I’ll miss you! But! Every call will be recorded and you’ll find them all in the client portal. So if you can’t make a call, you’ll still get value from hearing other people’s questions. (I have gone back to other calls I’ve been on even years after to get value from calls I’ve done with clients.) So don’t worry about missing one.

Why 100 Days?

That gets us through your first quarter’s worth of profitability numbers and makes sure that you can really get the support you need for your next step. One quarter is about 90 days and we need a little more than that to get all the way through. So it’s a real number of what it takes to go from having just your numbers to know how to get profitable, how to do you projections and how to knock it out of the park!

Can’t I just buy the book and do it that way?

Most people can’t, but you could give it a shot. This class came out of working with people and the dude that wrote the book and realizing that there’s not enough worksheets and support for folks to get profitable with just the book. That’s why he created the Profit First Professionals certification (which we are) and that’s why I took this a step further and added my special sauce – mindset – so that it actually gets, and stays, done. Most people just don’t implement well on their own. Getting out of your own way is hard. Especially alone.

So I want to help you make it happen. Together we’ll make it happen faster and easier than you could do it alone. I’ve got the mojo to make it go and I want to share it with you to make it easy!

My Super-Simple Guarantee

If you do the work and you’re not more clear about your money after you do the exercises, let us know and we’ll give you a full refund – and we’ll still be friends. 🙂

I hope you’ll join us for class!

Financial Bliss Blessings,



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