* Looks at the price-tag of the shirt you really want but then decides that the first shirt you looked at really wasn’t that bad after all *

Thinks, “The chicken parmesan would be delicious, but the spaghetti would fit better into my budget right now.”

Says, “I’d love to go to the spa with you next week, but money doesn’t make itself!”


Do any of these sound crazy familiar? Because they used to for me.


Little did I know, even though these are all common, and often seemingly truthful, they’re often keeping us from living our highest truth.

Why? Decisions are never really about money, but always about alignment, our true desires and what we’re willing to do to get what we want.

There’s a little something called compensatory desires– AKA what you’ll let yourself have that won’t really challenge you and habits that keep you in the same patterns you’ve been in.

And that’s dangerous, it builds resentment and frustration and anger. And actually pushes your desires away….bet you didn’t see that one coming, right?

But how is one supposed to stay positive about money to keep alignment high vibe when the budget just won’t seem to stretch? Adapt a money mantra!


Here are a few of our favorites:


“Money flows easily and often to me. I am a money magnet!”
“Money comes to me with grace and I can afford to live the life of my dreams.”
“My work is worthwhile and people want to pay me a great amount for it…because the tools/services/products I give them are worth it!”
Have a money mantra you love to use? Let us know in the comments!